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A Guild That Caters To All Aspects Of ESO - The Resolute Sentinels Are Now Recruiting! (PVE/PVP/Soc)

ESO's the Resolute Sentinel is now recruiting!


About us

Here at The Resolute Sentinel we are the go to guild for anything you could possibly need! Currently we have 150 members! We intend on becoming one of the greatest Social/Trial guilds in ESO with a focus on player involvement within the guild!

What we offer
We offer a diverse range of events/services.

- An active discord with an emphasis on creating an atmosphere of general banter.
- nTrials with a focus on teaching new players Trial Mechanics and farming Gear.
- A guild house with everything you could possibly need!
- PVE Content including Trials, vTrials and for newer members events like weekly map runs.
- PVP Content, IC, Alliance wars and battlegrounds, small scale. [DC Mainly]
- Various competitions with prizes, such as costume contests!
- Experienced Leadership and members who are happy to share their knowledge of the game for new players.
- Friendships which are not only limited to ESO but exist outside of ESO. We also play other games together!

What the future holds
For our future as a guild we want to be known throughout the ESO community as the number one place to go for a friendly, active Guild that caters not only to veteran players but to new players also.

We want to encourage players new and old alike to implement their own ideas into our guild, to participate in the creation of something great and to enjoy their time being a part of our community!

What we want in our members
All what we want in our members is to be active, friendly, and social within the Guild, we ask that all our members join up to our discord if they wish to take part in events since we organise them through discord. To encourage a active guild we have a 30 day kick policy for members who do not join our discord and a 60 day kick policy for those that do. We know that people can be shy so we only expect people to join us on voice chat when they are comfortable enough.

If you wish to join us in our quest to create the greatest and friendliest guild in ESO please reply to this post with your ingame @ name OR message/send a mail ingame to @proteinexe or to @Tsu_Namii
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