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We Have It Trading Co - 7k per week in Mournhold

We Have It Trading Co
Do you like prime trader locations in high foot traffic areas for fast sales? But at minimum cost to yourself? Do you enjoy socialising with your fellow guildies? Meeting new people? Learning about how to make money? Doing fun creative events for achievements? If so, you need to join our new family and make sure you have it with us!We host weekly events, raffles, pvp and much more!
We also have a BAND page
We are a 7k per week trader. We don’t have a set location we are testing where we find fits us best however we have been in
Elden Root - Alinor - Daggerfall

Dues are payable before 11:59pm EST FRIDAYS
They can be paid any day within that week and will still count. You can pay in advance basically the freedom is yours.
(I am the guilds book keeper and live in Australia, doing dues on a Sunday would make it a Monday here for me I hope y’all understand)

Come Join Us Today
If you have any questions feel free to Xbox message me or join the band page and message me there.

We look forward to meeting you!
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