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Please Add at Least one Gold Purchaseable Home to Each Map

Subject says it all. It can be a crappy little apartment in town or something nicer. What is specifically on my mind is Gold Coast and Hew's Bane. Other DLC's too though.

The crown cost of the current offerings is just ridiculous.
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  • StabbityDoom
    couldn't agree more. And if they aren't going to let us do this, at LEAST make gifting houses possible.
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  • Jayne_Doe
    I agree, as I know others do. I think, though, that if they are going to offer gold-purchasable homes in DLC areas, which typically require you to own the DLC or have ESO+ to purchase with gold, they would have to be apartments/small homes.

    Reason being that if a large home were made available in a DLC area to purchase with gold, you'd have players subbing for a month just to purchase the home with gold. So, a large home that might cost 7-8k crowns (similar to Alinor Townhouse or Amaya Lake Lodge) would be only $15 (the cost of a one-month sub). Or, players would just purchase the DLC if they didn't already have it, which is still a lot cheaper than buying the house for crowns. So, ZOS would have to offer an apartment or small home that would cost around less than a one-month sub price. Things are a little different for chapters, since you have to buy it in order to play it until a year later when it becomes a DLC.

    That's at least my theory as to why we don't have smaller homes in DLC areas. In fact, the smallest home we've had in a DLC area (outside of the inn rooms) was Ald Velothi Harbour House - a medium home.

    But, I would be fine with an apartment/small home in current/future DLC zones. I'd also love a small home in the Chapter zones. But, I suspect that they really want most of their homes to be CS exclusive, regardless of size, and they think the larger ones will sell better. Maybe they do, or maybe they don't, but I suspect they still generate more revenue than a medium CS exclusive home does, due to the overall price difference. After all, the point of sale is the Crowns, so if someone buys a medium CS exclusive home with their stash of crowns, ZOS doesn't generate any new revenue. But, if they have to buy a crown pack in order to afford the ginormous home, then ZOS generates new revenue, even if a smaller portion of players buy it vs a medium home.

    TL:DR - I'd love to see gold-purchasable homes in DLC areas, but if we were to get them, they'd probably be apartments/small homes - with which I'm totally fine.
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  • Delpi
    Well, they didn't add a jewelry crafting station in kvatch and do you expect an apartment? hahahaha
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  • Kova
    Or maybe make nearly all homes purchasable with gold, as they had originally stated.

    Then again, there's a reason for subjective terms when money is involved. Let's you wiggle in and out of things.

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  • Vehlir
    Absolutely, this is something I suggested a while back as well.

    Literally every Zone in the game (This includes places like CwC, Artaeum etc) should have at MINIMUM two houses.

    Orsinium & The Brass Fortress stick out as two beautiful, iconic cities that could greatly benefit from having a smaller home/apartment, but having things like a Personal Study in the Ceporah Tower, a Thieves Den in Abah's Landing and so many more would be greatly welcomed.
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  • NotaDaedraWorshipper
    This goes slightly hand in hand with the wish for more smaller and medium sized houses. I'd love to have a nice cosy place in Orsinium or small apartment in Abah's Landing with an open view to the city/harbor/ocean. Just because they are small and simple, it doesn't mean they have to be boring.
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