Mountain of Loot vs Dubious Riches

I'd love to hear the communities opinions on these items. The Mountain of Loot is an achievement furnishing item from fencing 1 million gold worth of stolen items and the Dubious Riches is....100 crown gems :\.

Does anyone else feel a little ripped off by this? For one thing, 100 crown gems for a newer and better looking loot pile is excessive. I don't know about anyone else but it's hard to get 100 gems if your RNG is bad and you don't get the item itself from the crates. I won't buy more than 1 pack of 5 crates a season either.

I don't know...i just feel a little upset about it. I wish they would have just updated the textures on the Mountain of Loot instead.
  • Arciris
    Why not both?
    They are not exactly the same and would pair very well together once the Mountain of Loot is FIXED.
    As it stands, the Mountain of Loot looks like it was puked bt a Dragon : :p
  • mergadeth
    Omg yes they need to fix the mountain of loot but why would they now when you could buy this new fancy one for money?
  • jediodyn_ESO
    It took me a couple months to get the mountain of loot. Yes, I feel insulted by the dubious riches. It even looks better.

    They can’t fix what they’ve done, so the right thing to do would be to give those of us who actually did this achievement something extra that reflects the work put into it.

    I suggest they please give us a truly gigantic pile of gold (4x the size of the one they just made insignificant) in reparation, and make it actually shiny. C’mon ZOS, do the right thing! How hard would it be to take that gold pile and make it way bigger?

    What they have done would be like adding to the crown store a purchasable “fake elder scroll” (highest PvP rank reward), a “master crafter” banner and hammer skin, and a fishing boat.
    Go ahead and make the super hard to get PvE skins all purchasable too...

    Do the right thing ZOS. This wasn’t a small insignificant achievement. Show your players you care about something more than the crown store.
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