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“Beyond The Fiery Darkness” (Serjustin19’s Guild)

“Beyond The Fiery Darkness” is looking to recruit members. All alliances are welcome. I don’t know anything about trading guild. My internet not good for dungeons. (Others be of more use) I only know of PvP. Henceforth this be mostly PvP campaign (at this time). *groups will only be asked for Red in Yolnahkrin campaign. The 7 day CP campaign. On the plus side, for those whom interested In PvP on other alliances. Your still welcome, no need to leave Guild due to different alliances in PvP. Just groups lfg’s would only be affected. With this being said. I most add I also in groups with “Red Zergling’s Guild” everyday. I brought this up because maybe my guild and Red Zergling’s might merge. Not to me mention again I in there group to.

* All alliances are welcome
* Only accept “Yolnahkrin” Red LFG in guild group chat. (All members on different alliances can play on all campaigns.
* home campaign “Yolnahkrin”
*(unsure how to do guild traders. Dungeons are fine, I’ll try help with internet. I’ll be bad though)
Official PSN message. 4-18-18 (Copy/Paste) Hey Justin. It is ok. You can be so much more without the *(left name out). For me you are always a legend. Look for a job you want. You always write like a bard or poet so maybe you should write a book"

It Was A Glorious 2+ years in Scourge PS4 EU, especially during both the 1st and 2nd Scourge. As well as my time in Haderus PS4 EU. What will my journey bring, during my time in Shor, We shall wait; for my journey has only begun.

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