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Annoyance of snares...

  • alexoop
    Soul Shriven
    Every class should have at least one root/snare. The trouble is not with the amount of roots/snares but the inconsistent application of CC immunity. I think if you get hit with a root (e.g. Perma), you should be immediately immune to placement of any others for the amount of time granted for immunity. In practice, CC immunity is a unicorn. You can get so locked down at once with multiple effects that even if you break free of the initial root, you are rooted by others. It seems in my experience that CC immunity only applies once you have exited a root/snare which seems lame and pointless.
  • NuarBlack
    Honestly I find CC more annoying pve side as that seems to be the only way ZoS can think of to make content harder.

    The rest of you act like you have never pvp'd in any other mmo if you think CC is a problem. Eso has no cc problem at all with the exception of a few bugs because of lag such as double knock back. Breakfree is universal and usable on every CC so long as you have stamina. Roll dodge now gives root immunity too. More snare immunity gets added almost every patch. Know what other games have? A trinket that removes 1 CC effect every 2 minutes or at least on some sort of Cooldown.

    I'm not saying CC should never be looked at in ESO but it is already hard enough to lock down a healer or tank in balanced pvp situations. My bet is someone needs to quit zerg surfing.
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