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Court of Exiles - A new thief/smuggler themed RP guild!

Court of Exiles is a new (18+) RP guild and a home for outcasts, thieves, smugglers and runaway slaves. Were fairly casual but focused on a operating as close group of people on the wrong side of the law with themes of thievery, smuggling and contracted mercenary work.

Were open to all races and alliances, and although were still small and just starting out, we have a large functional guild hall with all 13 Mundus stones, trainimg dummies, and attuned crafting stations as well as several other locations available as RP locales. I realize that since were a new guild it could take a little while to establish ourselves but thus far our members are all pretty relaxed and we'd love for you to join us.

Since a big theme of the guild are that we're criminals we have very few real rules. We don't allow purely evil characters and we do not keep slaves but runaway/former slave characters are always welcome.

If youre interested in joining or learning more just reply here or you can message me in-game @ImperialReign
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