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What will you be doing on June 4th - PS 4 Players?

Golfing? Tennis? Checking out Elsweyr?

Personally I'll be working sigh.....
  • Jolipinator
    Waiting for E3.
    PS4 EU.
  • Tan9oSuccka
    My Nord warrior will be dodging Khajiit “land mines” in the sands of Elsweyr.

    Of course I like steak. I'm a Nord, aren't I?
    -Berj Stoneheart
  • Cactus316000
    Fighting pvp lag
  • cjhhickman39
    Painting my porch while waiting for the download to finish
  • NordSwordnBoard
    I'm going after the hammer in pvp. I'm waiting a month or so to buy it provided necro gets some fixing. Hopefully the zone crowds have died down a bit by then as well.

    Current state reports on the forums from PC have drastically lowered my expectations and desire to have it right away.
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  • TequilaFire
    That is the day I am taking a motorcycle trip down to Key West with my friends.
    Enjoy the lag. lol
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  • BomblePants
    Elsweyr Baby......
  • Meesha1170
    Working on the main quest when I get home from work and then checking zone chat to see if people are grouping for Normal Sunspire.
  • Wolfpaw
    Cryodiil & RDO
  • SpiderKnight
    Drinking 4 cups of coffee starting at 4am because I have to manually download the update, and there's no way I'm getting back to sleep.
  • EtTuBrutus
    Definitely NOT trying to play the lag fest for a week.
  • sevomd69
    Probably working...
  • Hotdog_23
    Probably not playing ESO. I figure by the time I can get on it will be time for bed just like the last chapters.
  • Vietfox
    i'll be watching p0rn... I mean, playing ESO of course.
    Edited by Vietfox on June 1, 2019 1:14AM
  • jhall03
    If I do end up buying the new chapter, I doubt I will go into the new zone because it will probably be a laggy mess.

  • Dark_Lord_Kuro
    I have the day off like most tuesday so...
    1. Check if the update auto-started if not start it
    2. Finish the download
    3. Log in and out for the free character slot
    4. Create a necro
    5. Pass 30 minute finding an avaible lore friendly name
    6. Start exploring elsweyr and doing some quest
    7. Buying the 2 aditionnal character slot
    8. Repeat step 4 to 6 twice
    9. Log into my main and look for a nSS group

  • Androconium
    Putting my dog down. She has osteo-carcinoma. Sorry. Not a PS4 player.
    Edited by Androconium on June 1, 2019 2:38AM
    Aren't you bored yet, @felcign?

  • Bhaal5
    Anywhere else BUT eso... I can watch screen savers for free on a pc if i really wanted too
  • ArchMikem
    Why just PS4 players? Xbox is rigth there with you. Im actually at home recovering from surgery so i have the whole week off to explore.
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  • phileunderx2
    Playing on PC. Did not buy for PS4 and probably won't buy.
  • RPGplayer13579
    I will be at work. :/
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  • Sanctum74
    Hoping the patch doesn't break the game anymore than it already is, fingers crossed :#
  • thelawnranger79
    Blue screening @ brk
  • LukosCreyden
    1. Stare at the download bar.
    2. Stare at the download bar.
    3. Stare at the download bar.
    4. Cry.
    5. Make my Magcro.
    6. Remake my Magcro because I got the face/voice wrong.
    7. Do the tutorial quest.
    8. Get as far away from Elsweyr as possible.
    9. Get murdered by a guard because I used a spell.
    10. "Ah, there you are Vestige!"
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