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Why is there no way to cancel EXP buffs anymore?

Is there something i'm missing or is there no way to cancel out an EXP buff anymore? If there isnt, then why not? Plenty of people have accidentally popped a 50% and wanted it replaced yet now we have to wait 2 hours? That's nonsense if there really is no more option to cancel it. Why not just add in a "Are you sure you want to cancel your exp buff" box before canceling it so people don't do it on accident? Its really that simple.
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  • Beardimus
    Yeah would be handy
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  • RodneyRegis
    Yeah, and while we're at it why can't I undo when I deconstruct a gold maelstrom weapon by mistake? Why should I have to read and take my time before doing something idiotic?
  • Xerikten
    me thinks now you will slow down and read what you are clicking on. some lessons are hard learned in life. B)
  • Pixiepumpkin
    Sadly, here we are in the future...2024 and this is still an issue.
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  • SandandStars
    stuck in combat bug says “Hello Old Friends.”

  • Oblivion_Protocol
    Xerikten wrote: »
    me thinks now you will slow down and read what you are clicking on. some lessons are hard learned in life. B)

    I’ve been in situations where a double xp event started and I wanted to use a 150% scroll on a character, but I already had a 50% scroll active and had to wait until it ran out. Those are the kind of situations where I’d want to cancel the active scroll for a better one.

    It’s not about rushing and clicking something unwanted. It’s about not being able to immediately get something better when you want it.
  • vsrs_au
    Regarding the thread's title: was it possible to override exp scrolls with different ones previously?
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