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CLAN GHILAIN – safe haven! (No-pressure / Relaxed PvE / LGBTQ+, women, disability safe space)

  • Ocean_Charlie9
    I think this guild is nice for me. I'm not a hardcore player and i love to play relaxed, without checking numbers, dps and stuff. I like to play good but taking this game as it is, a game to enjoy.

    My id: @Ocean_Charlie9

    Mufasa The Handsome-- Khajita- Templar-- Ebonheart Pact
    Cir-Cenn-- Argonian- Warden-- Aldmeri Dominion
    Wallace Highraven-- Imperial- Dragon knight-- Daggerfall Covenant

    Check my stuff

  • Lavellan
    @Ocean_Charlie9 Invite sent! 😀
    Andaran atish'an, stranger.
  • Mith
    Soul Shriven
    Hello! 40+ player.
    A lot of experience at “olds” mmos like Everquest, Everquest 2, AC, SWG, KOTOR, Vanguard, Lotro...

    Was looking for long time a spiritual successor for Everquest, but no luck. Tested many games, but they was not the same for me. Missed dungeons, long camps grouping to make experience, the classes...

    Guess ESO is the most similar game for me out there. Have all the races and classes that I may need, nice graphics, dungeons... and the best of all, good story and solo content.

    I do not want stress, have enough with work and just got divorced, so I am looking for a very relaxing environment to play. Actually doing quests solo and enjoying story, I play a lot of alts, bosmer ranger stealth, magic Necro, Templar paladin, etc.

    I don’t care about trials or high lvl dungeons. However I would like to have the chance for a little chat, and maybe lvl a full Templar healer Someday if I find someone that wanted to roll and alt and would like to duo. Miss grouping from Everquest, even if is just an evening decorating a house or fishing. Action grouping at the future would be cool, but atm I don’t have the time and the dedication go there, specially if I lvl some alts at the same time.

    Like to help, so if my lvl allow it, I am the kind of player that will leave what is doing to move and help you.

    I dislike a lot the craft bag under subscriptions, and I suffer a lot with craft space, but trying to sort It. I have some dlc and all the expansions.

    Not the kind of guy to check a lot discord though. Like to roleplay, but my English is not that good for a roleplay guild and just want to relax playing, and not invest time creating stories. But I may roleplay my characters from while to while.

    Hope see u all in game: @Robertrainor
    Edited by Mith on October 18, 2019 2:00PM
  • Lavellan
    @webmastereb17_ESO5 Seems like we're a good guild for you then! Don't worry about Discord - we use it mostly to organize events and such, there is no need to write there (we never use voice coms) either way. We're not a role-playing guild, but there are probably some roleplayers among us that would join on that :)
    Sending invite to you!
    Andaran atish'an, stranger.
  • Amohn
    Good morning!

    You sound like a decent and friendly guild. I am 35+, have been playing ESO since 2015, on and off. I am a casual player, I'd rather not do Trials since I do not enjoy the pressure, tension and frustration that comes with it. But that doesn't mean I will never do them. As soon as a game becomes a job the fun disappears and I don't hav a mic so for me it's kind of a relief that you don't do voice communication.

    I do enjoy group content like dungeons, public dungeons, world bosses, delves and such and I'd be more than happy to help newcomers or other players overall.

    I will not be online every day.

    I can be social, but I can also be very quiet. IRL i'm an introvert and generally do not speak to a lot of people, but given time, I could blossom, relax and become a bit more social.

    I have a Nightblade and Necromancer, both of them at CP 727.

    Hope to hear from you :smile:

    Cheers! // @Amohn
    Edited by Amohn on October 20, 2019 1:36PM
  • Lavellan
    @Amohn Invite sent! You are very welcome to the Clan, and there's never any pressure on you to join group activities or be social - you do whatever feels best for you. And we'll be there when you feel more social :) We don't have any requirements whatsoever here, other than following general rules!
    Andaran atish'an, stranger.
  • Belenina82
    Soul Shriven
    I would love to join this guild. This is the first time I play a MMORPG, and I am 37 :) I am absolutely addicted, but I am still learning and want to learn at my pace without pressure. Thanks in advance. @Belenina82
  • IndorilArwynLlethran
    I'm looking for friendly non-toxic atmosphere and fun relaxing PVE. May I join? Grand master crafter, can help with gear. @IndorilOne
  • Lavellan
    I'll invite you once the Maintenance is over! :)
    Edited by Lavellan on November 10, 2019 11:58AM
    Andaran atish'an, stranger.
  • GMdoghunter
    Hi im a player who loves nothing better than pve in eso ive got a few carachters ingame who i would like to level enjoying the nice relaxed atmosphere of this guild,i really think this guild would be perfect for me,i would be very obliged if you could send me an invite to the guild please.
    My name is @Doghunter Thank you most kindly and hopefully i can catch you ingame soon.
  • MadnessCalms
    Hello there!

    I love the sound of your guild and it would be brilliant if I could get an invite. A little about myself for your consideration.

    I am 35 an experienced gamer and mmo player but very new to ESO(about three weeks, most of that character hoping trying different classes etc). I think i have finally settled on my "main" character, i am still leveling and learning obviously. I have a great deal of time free to play as I have mental health issues and am unable to work, your guild sounds like a fantastic environment and I hope that I could contribute to that.

    That's as much as I want to share publically, I hope to hear from you soon!

  • OffeneSocken
    Soul Shriven
    Hi there,

    this guild sounds great. I would really like to join you as your description is perfect for me.
    As someone who struggles with joining a random guild out of fear from trash talk and constant toxic/hostile comments I patiently wait for the reopening of recruitment :)

    As for my gaming behaviour: I play kinda regularly but if I'm not in the mood I might be gone for a week or so. I am currently trying to learn as much as possible about the game and quite enjoy a more relaxed approach (listening to the npcs, reading the lore, exploring). At the moment my main is level 26 so I still have a way to go.

    And finally some personal stuff: she/they, 31 years old and an experienced former WoW-player. I come from Germany, so english is my second language, but I hope to join an international guild to meet some people from other places as well as practice my english :)

    Thanks in advance for considering my application and I hope to hear from you :)

    @OffeneSocken, my char's name is Frea Arrok
  • Lavellan
    We are recruiting again! Please read our Guild description first if you'd like to join :)
    (Invites to those who wrote after the pause announcement are sent!)
    Edited by Lavellan on November 10, 2019 12:27PM
    Andaran atish'an, stranger.
  • MystShadow88
    Soul Shriven
    Hi! I'm really bad at this so please bear with me. i've been playing ESO for about 6 (?) months or so, so in a lot of ways i'm still learning the ropes. I really enjoy the game and get a bit emotionally invested in the characters (a bit too much at times haha).

    I'm a 30+ female, i can swing wildly between introverted and seeming extroverted depending on my comfort levels. I'm not the competitive sort and am really just here to have fun.

    I guess what i'm looking for is a safe place i can hopefully meet some like-minded people and get better at the multiplayer part of this being an MMO without too much pressure, and at some point maybe learning and experiencing some of the portions of the game that i haven't been able to yet (dungeons for example) due to the idea of teaming up with pugs freaking me out more than a bit.

    Your guild honestly sounds like exactly the sort of community i would love to be part of. :)

    @MystShadow88 and my main character is Lyilar

  • Lavellan
    @MystShadow88 Sounds like we're a perfect match! Invite sent :blush:
    Andaran atish'an, stranger.
  • Daeloth
    Soul Shriven

    Sort of a returning player here. Owned the game for ages, but never played it much until just recently. My highest level character is only lvl 18, but I've quite enjoyed the magicka nightblade thus far.

    A bit about myself: I tend to play even MMOs as mostly single player game, but still enjoy social interaction in friendly environment. And at times it's fun to do group content, so I'd love to join a relaxed social guild without pressure for that :) I've dabbled with plenty of other multiplayer games, biggest ones being WoW and GW2. Played the Elder Scrolls games since Morrowind so in ESO my favourite thing thus far has been exploring the different areas of the world. Oh and yet another Dragon Age fan here :P

    Anyhoo, if you're still looking for new people, I'm @Daeloth , main character in-game is Firnath
  • Beefythug
    Soul Shriven
    Hello all at Clan Ghilhain

    I am a returning player currently back for 5 months, but having started from its inception. As a mature player both in games and years my journey started way back with the spectrum to the current day PC`s.
    I have played most mmorpg games out there, so I consider myself a pretty seasoned player. My current role is Pure tank and DD within ESO

    About myself; I consider myself to be a supportive and patient player that remembers what my first day was like and understands that we ALL have and will be there in some form or another.. There are still many challenges to be had and feel I would be a good team player for both game mechanics and challenges some of us face in R/L. Often this means not rushing or zerging along leaving others behind

    I am now just starting to do the dungeon side of things so It would be good to do this with a great group of people who would enjoy it as much as I do.

    @beefythug.... My in game name is... Tanks a bunch

    Hope to see you all in ESO
  • Lavellan
    :star: We are active and actively recruiting! :star:
    Andaran atish'an, stranger.
  • ProfoundlyFaded
    Soul Shriven

    I'd be interested in joining. I'm a woman with mental health issues, and trying to get back into the game after six months away for personal reasons. Bar one CP300 character, my other toon is low level starting out in Elsewyr. I deleted all but these in a fit of pique when I lost the will to live with the game.

    I'm happy chatty, bubbly lass.

    My in game is @ProfoundlyFaded
  • Lavellan
    :star: Active and recruiting! Happy Holidays from the whole Clan! :star:
    Andaran atish'an, stranger.
  • Lavellan
    :star: We are active and flourishing! :star:
    Please read our description before applying, and if it's something for you, write either here or contact @theLavellan in-game! See you in Tamriel :smiley:
    Andaran atish'an, stranger.
  • Buddy_Bradley
    Soul Shriven
    Hello @Lavellan, I am interested in joining the guild. :)

    Started playing ESO at launch back in 2014, but for some reason I could never get it to stick and I always dropped it around level 19. Came back last week, and this time around I'm determined to make it through that barrier by going with a healer so that I have something specific to work towards. In-game I love exploring, achievements, and collections, plus helping people, so I'm mostly looking for a cool and chill group of people to chat with while I play, or keep alive in guild dungeon runs. :smiley:

    Out-of-game, I'm a 40+ male who hates any sort of social interaction that doesn't involve a keyboard. Most heavily played games in the past have been WoW and EVE, where I helped run in-game community stuff.

  • vestahls
    Hey, just an FYI, but I find it pretty offensive that you lump women in with disabled people. I see why you might feel there's a need for guilds exclusively for non-heterosexual/heteroromantic/cis people, and for people with physical and/or mental disabilities, but adding women specifically, and not men, gives the impression you see women as some abstract "special needs" category which is somehow vulnerable or needs extra patience or help or is just generally "other". You might want to rethink your approach, because as it stands it strikes me as extremely misogynistic, regardless of what your initial intentions were.

    I hope you understand the negative stereotypes you are displaying and perpetuating in your advertising choices.
    Edited by vestahls on January 14, 2020 12:51PM
  • Lavellan
    I hear your opinion. However that approach was suggested by a female Officer. You are free to disagree, but it was important to her, and I will respect that. :smile:
    For the record this is by no means meant as offensive nor is it supposed to suggest that anyone here needs special treatment. It is a safe space, not anything more, not anything less. My apologies if it looks offensive to anyone.
    Edited by Lavellan on January 14, 2020 2:11PM
    Andaran atish'an, stranger.
  • binho
    Would love to join your guild.
    Long time player on the ps4 just started on the PC.

    Would be lovely to meet some friends to play with, even though I'm a bit shy so usually play solo.

    Anyway, I hope I'll get an invite
    My game name : Xaharon
  • MattBNew
    Soul Shriven

    My name is Matt i've been playing ESO from the start I love elder scrolls games, my main character is a high elf sorcerer CP 773 called Mankar Ocato Camoran. I normally play solo because I'm not very good at multiplayer games and in past games I've played like final fantasy online when trying to do dungeons sometime I've had not very nice comments in the chat and it has put me off joining guilds or doing dungeons in this game. I've been looking for a guild that I can be a part of and not feel totally useless or talked down to and this guild looks great for me. I hope you let me be part of your guild would love to help.

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