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CLAN GHILAIN – safe haven for all adventurers! (No-pressure / Social / LGBTQ+ and women friendly)


CLAN GHILAIN” is a social guild with a mission. Our goal is to create a safe space for everyone to enjoy the game content without any kind of pressure or anxiety. Come and enjoy ESO with kind individuals, at your own pace!

With the world being so stressful our guild offers a moment of calm. It caters to those who don’t want to rush through dungeons, don’t feel the need to be the very best, don’t want to feel anxious while doing group content of any kind. We offer a stressfull-free start into dungeons – if you always wanted to try them but was a bit nervous about it, this is the best guild for that!

With time and as our numbers grow, our primary focus will be PvE content such as dungeons and trials – always without voice communication, as that can be exhausting to some. We offer all kinds of help to beginners, and also any adjustments for the dungeons and trials if there is any need for it. We also invite you to join us on public dungeon runs, pledges, skyshard hunts, and anything else that ESO hast to offer. All we ask for is that you're mature, kind, understanding to fellow guildies, and maybe like to say "hi" when you log in into the game :)

Our numbers aren’t big, but consist only of the nicest and kindest individuals. We are a lot more like a little family than a regular guild - always supporting each other, and having fun while playing the game.

:star: This guild is women, LGBTQA+ and disability friendly. :star:

If you feel like this is somewhere you'd fit in, write a little about yourself and why you'd like to join either here or drop an in-game message to one of us: @theLavellan / @Ishibrows / @LeocadiaLee

See you in Tamriel <3
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  • BeautifulSilver
    Soul Shriven
    I'd be interested in joining, if you don't mind an adult beginner. The only games I've played before are Dragon Age (on casual!) so I do need some help understanding some of the things in ESO.

  • gplumblingnrb18_ESO
    I'm a chilled solo player/non-stop farmer.
    Looking for a guild for some chilled pve play.

    CLAN GHILAIN seems perfect for me. :smile:


  • Lavellan
    @BeautifulSilver Beginners are very welcome (and I'm a huge Dragon Age fan as well :smiley:)! But unfortunately your account was not found, are you sure this was your in-game ID? :smile:

    @gplumblingnrb18_ESO invite sent! :smiley:
    Edited by Lavellan on May 22, 2019 8:58AM
  • Lavellan
    Our little guild is growing, but there's plenty of space! Mature players of all ages and levels are welcome! :)
  • MorganaBlue

    I'm a CP 562, daily player PVE, mostly solo play until now - no PUGs, so despite the medium-high CP, I'm just starting to learn normal dungeons, have done only a few with a high CP friend alone, and begining to feel really frustrated.

    I want to do content in dungeons, not run through facerolling all the Bosses. I want to be healed and I want a tank and another DD to learn 4- man dungeon mechanics from nice people who actually want to take the time to teach dungeon and vet dungeon basics while having fun. When I've gotten that down, I want to learn to do trials like a pro. B)

    I have good gear, have been studying this game since I started playing, and now want to ease into group content.
    Trying to find the right guild with the right activities.

    DD Magplar main. Enchanting, Alchemy, Provisioning leveled, almost Master Clothier, Master Blacksmith, Master Woodworker - just a few items left to research last couple of traits on. Jewelry in the works still.

    Would love an invite @MorganaBlue in game :) Thank you.
  • tonyb16_ESO21
    Soul Shriven
    I am a mature player, (50+) and I have played games since Pong came out. Have played a few other MMOs, like WoW, GW2, FFXIV SWTOR and a few more for nearly 15 years. New in here though so I have, up until now, mostly done solo questing no PUGs, no dungeons, no trials.

    I love lore and content. I want to really see the dungeons and all (at least the first 5 times :) ) and not speedrun through . I have always been healer but have not dared to try that here...yet. Like the above poster I want to learn to do the dungeons and trials properly and in the company of nice people.

    As for crafting and level, I am level 22 and my crafting is a bit...meh atm. But I want to learn and contribute.

    @DBoy67 ingame if that sounds the least interesting.
  • Lavellan
    @tonyb16_ESO21 Invite sent! We'll be very happy to have you :)
  • Evenst3ph3n
    Soul Shriven
    Hi I have been playing games for the last 20+ years, such as witcher, Assassins creed, dragon age etc. This is my first attempt at an online game and it is very daunting. I have been running around just questing and piggybacked with others through a Summerset public dungeon. That was an experience but as tonyb16 said it would be nicer to do dungeons at a slower pace. I find the chat hard to do as I have never really used chat at all and the acronyms thank goodness for google to help lol. I am mid 50's and your line of a safe haven for all adventurers is what attracted me being new and quite reserved. I am a level 43 nightblade stamina build and would love to be part of your guild. I reside in Australia though so unsure if the time differences will be an issue. My ingame character is Lollisock and user ID is @evenstephen
  • redgreensunset
    This looks like my kind of guild. I'll throw you an in-game mail once the server is back up.
  • Kaoto
    Soul Shriven
    Hey! Looking for a friendly chill guild, can i get an invite? @Kaoto
  • MorganaBlue
    I joined 3 weeks ago. I love Clan Ghilain <3
  • MrMizz
    Soul Shriven

    this sounds like the right type of guild for me. I'm a returning 40-something PvE-player. I was on a quite a long break but I started to play again a few days ago. I play this game pretty much because of the group play but I've been known to spend quite some time fishing as well... :wink:


  • FloofFactory
    Soul Shriven
    I really enjoyed Dragon Age and Skyrim. I wanted to give ESO a chance and as it turns out, I love it!

    I'm socially awkward, anxious and depressed so I'm looking for a kind and friendly community where I can help as well as get help. I have no problem soloing the quest lines but I need a group of people for social instances like dungeons and trials, where I don't have much experience.

    It takes me a while to muster the courage to say hi so don't hold it against me if I don't (right away).

    I'm a Warden DPS/Healer CP78, very new to the game and at times it can be overwhelming doing it alone. I appreciate all the help and tips I can get!

  • Lavellan
    @FloofFactory Invite sent! You are very welcome to the Clan, feel free to lurk for a while until you feel comfortable talking - there is no pressure at all :smile:
  • Rivvqah
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, this sounds like a nice place, I think I'd like to join.
    Name's Rewa, I'm a lifetime gamer and Elder Scrolls enthusiast since I was a little girl. CP 300, but don't let that fool you, I barely know anything, I'm mostly a solo player tbh, with my crippling social anxiety and all. I'd like to try things out though, in a friendly laid-back environment one day. Maybe make some friends too.
    I may have some altoholic potential (too. many. ocs!), but I'm focusing on my beloved Bosmer Warden main for now.

    @Rivvqah ingame. Thank you. :)
  • Lavellan
    @Rivvqah You are very welcome to our little family! Bosmers are the best :blush:

    Invite sent!
  • bramable
    Soul Shriven
    Hi im an Irish college student looking for a relaxed casual guild and this seems like a great fit. Seeing Dragon Age references in the comments is a good sign for me :P im a big fan of Dragon age and fantasy games in general.

  • Everrsor
    Hey what are your active hours im in gmt+2
  • deadmoncky
    Soul Shriven
    Hey, im in UK and just getting back into the MMO's. Life has changed since I last played one and am looking for a no hassle guild to hang with.

    Are you still recruiting?
  • Lavellan
    @Everrsor We gather a small group of people from all around the world. However most of us are from Europe, in BST and CEST time zones :smile:
    @deadmoncky Yes, we are recruiting!
  • deadmoncky
    Soul Shriven
    @deadmoncky in game, can I get an invite?
  • Kristo33
    Hey, sound good, quite noob in ESO world. Love the game, but guild system is bit odd for me. I am used to socialice in guilds, but in ESO, its bit hard to find actually social guild. I am interested, my id is @Kristo33
  • Ishibrows
    Soul Shriven
    @deadmoncky I’ll send you an invite as soon as I get the update sorted 🙂

    @Kristo33 Our guild is small but the members we do have are quite social! I’ll send an invite over 🙂
    PC EU | AD
    PlayerID - @Ishibrows
    CP - 739
    Nilonii Telvayn, Dunmer Magsorc
    Adaaen Springthorn, Bosmer Stamblade (crafter)
    Merani Hlaalu, Dunmer Stamblade
    Silvestre Varla, Altmer Magnecro
    Shizuri Kihrani - Khajiit Magplar
    Llathasa Redoran - Dunmer Magwarden
    Felara Dres - Dunmer Magnecro
    Vareli Indoril - Dunmer Magplar
  • Lavellan
    We are recruiting! B)
    We're in the middle of organising our first, no-pressure, very relaxed trial without voice communication. All like-minded individuals are very welcome to join us on that adventure :)
    Edited by Lavellan on September 7, 2019 9:54AM
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