Is there anything I can do to improve my uptime?

First, some background:

A little less than 48 hours ago (at the time of this post), my town was hit by a fast-forming, high-intensity supercell thunderstorm which in mere moments caused trees to suffer whiplash, trash/recycling totes to go flying, and heavy rain to come down sideways. Suffice to say, my family quickly took shelter in the family basement out of fear that there was a tornado about to hit. After 30 minutes, the dreadful tempest passed and we emerged once more into sunlight...only to find broken utility lines (including Internet going down), a massive amount of tree damage (with trees getting uprooted or broken off at the trunk and carried several meters away), and a few fires breaking out around town. Fortunately, my house is still standing.

Since then, while Internet has been technically fixed, storm cleanup is still ongoing, and I am still noticing occasional Internet disconnects. With Elsewyr launch just a couple days away, I am wondering if there is anything I can do to improve the stability of my Internet connection. I understand that this may not be the best place to ask that question, but I am not a member of any tech help groups, and frankly, I'm not sure why the disconnects are happening.

Is there anything you guys would recommend? I know that my options may be limited (especially if the disconnects are happening because of ongoing utility repair/cleanup), but I would like to see if anything can be done before I call my ISP and request repairs (since they are likely overloaded with calls for service at the moment).

Thanks in advance for any help.


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  • ZOS_BillE

    There are a variety of steps you can take on your end to help improve your ESO connection. You can find these steps listed in our help articles here and here. However if you've recently only started experiencing disconnections after a major storm, you should contact your ISP so they can check the connections in your neighborhood.
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