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So when/how do I change my forum name with my ps4 name change?

I changed my ps4 name yesterday and was wondering how or when does it change in the forum. I noticed the username is grayed out.
  • idk
    I doubt the change to your PS4 name will affect your forum name here as I would not expect them to be connected. I could be wrong since IDK as the name implies.

    While I could ink some information I will merely tag @ZOS_BillE since they probably not better if there are special cases for consoles.

    Good luck to the person who will soon be formerly known as Devildog.
    Edited by idk on April 30, 2019 3:37AM
  • devildog13_93
    Thank you @idk and lol not much different it goes to DEVxDOG lol
  • ZOS_BillE

    Changes to your PSN ID or ESO UserID will not affect your forum username. There is an ongoing thread linked below where you can post and request for your forum username to be updated.

    How do I change username on forums
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