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Nos's "Night King" Magicka Necromancer Guide (Elsweyr PTS Ready)

WIll be updated as the PTS progresses




All in Magicka


Clockwork Citrus Fillet OR Bi-Stat (depending on the fight)



Champion Point Distribution:

Blue tree:

Elfborn 66, Elemental Expert 64; Master at Arms 66; Thaumaturge 56, Staff Expert 18


5/1/1 Divines

5 Spell Strategist (Weapons and Jewelry)

2 Zaan

5 Perfected Mantle of Siroria (Body)

Use the following weapon traits:

1 Precise Spell Strategist Inferno Staff

1 Infused vMA Inferno Staff (Weapon Damage enchant)

All Armor with Magicka Enchants. All Jewelry Infused with Spell damage enchants.

Bar Setup

You are basically trying to cast dots on cooldown, but if you are looking for a written out sample rotation, it goes something like this:

PreBuff: Inner Light>Skeletal Archer>Barswap
1. Blastbones>BarSwap>Blockade>Trap>Barswap>Blastbones>Mystic Siphon>Avid Boneyard>Blastbones>Ricochet Skull x 2 (Use ult here)
2. Blastbones>Barswap>Blockade>Barswap>Ricochet Skull>Blastbones>Barswap>Skeletal Archer>Barswap>Ricochet Skull>Blastbones>Mystic Siphon>Avid Boneyard
3. Blastbones>Barswap>Blockade>Trap>Barswap>Blastbones>Ricochet Skull x 2>Blastbones>Mystic Siphon>Avid Boneyard
4. Blastbones>Barswap>Blockade>Skeletal Archer>Barswap>Blastbones>Ricochet Skull x 2>Blastbones>Barswap>Trap>Barswap>Ricochet Skull>
5. Blastbones>Barswap>Blockade>Barswap>Ricochet Skull>Blastbones>Mystic Siphon>Avid Boneyard>Blastbones>Ricochet Skull>Barswap>Skeletal Archer

Repeat steps 3 thru 5.

Keep in mind that because all of the DoTs have different lengths there will be a 4 sec window when your Mystic Siphon and Avid Boneyard are down. For best results play dynamically.

Rotation Video:

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