Are You Feeling Event Fatigue?

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We will have had 21 or so weeks of events in the past 33. Are we having too many events, just enough or do we need more?
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Are You Feeling Event Fatigue? 281 votes

Not Enough Events
deadsheepb14_ESOotis67RedTalonMadyStonen80ub17_ESODarkhorse1975Asyslassitershawnconnor22843PulqueHaojinHailSirKnight 12 votes
Just About the Right Amount of Events
NestorJarndyceJD2013TanadrielKemenrilagegartonMelilottaEasily_LostDaimmyoRaddlemanNumber7Consum98PocketAces13xbMarcoPolo184El_BorrachoPrincessrhaenyra PrayingSeraphKeylunayu_feverHotdog_23moses1763 34 votes
Too Many Events
ImrylltheskymovesSolarikenKikazaruvailjohn_ESOMoloch1514DarcyMardinninibiniIruil_ESOTurelusAlienSlofMaottikwisatzSpacegatoKnootewootLauranaeAsha_11_ESOMitrengagpkreutzerub17_ESOLarsS 183 votes
What's an Event?
leeuxsiddiqueTyharTasearBekkaeldracul813magueTensarAznarbLybal 10 votes
I Like Pie
navystylz_ESOSythen88411MisterBigglesworthAcrolasCoatmagicstarlizard70ub17_ESOManwithBeard9BazdaAcharnorInrealitySilentRaven1972kylewwefanDojohodaNeoealthBartuWise_WillmoonpawcSydneyGreybarney2525Panzanella 42 votes
  • siddique
    What's an Event?
    I dont care about events. Eat the cake everyday once. I don't feel the compulsion to do whatever they want me to do.
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  • Knootewoot
    Too Many Events
    Haven't logged in for a few days now. Don't care about the motifs and lost interests in the mounts. Especially when there is a queue involved.

    I'll try again this weekend. Oh wait, I'm gone for the weekend.
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  • GaunterODim
    Too Many Events
    I stopped doing events when they announced the berry *** at the begin of the year. The game has more often running an event than not having an event by now. It became exhausting to me so I stopped participating in general.
  • starlizard70ub17_ESO
    I Like Pie
    So burnt out on back to back to back.... events, I'm not even sure what I answered.
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  • Jarndyce
    Just About the Right Amount of Events
    No. Five year anniversary should have a lot of events, imho. Experience boost is nice and free stuff. 🙂👍
  • Reverb
    Too Many Events
    I’ve opted out of this event and played like it’s not happening. It’s been nice, but it doesn’t help the feeling of event fatigue because all 5 of my guild chats are focused on the quests, the boxes, the drop rate of Lyris pages compared to Prophet, which zones, which bosses, and on and on. Every. Night.

    I’m over it.
    Armitas wrote: »
    This game is so broken I don't even know how people distinguish CE from negligent development.
  • Loves_guars
    Too Many Events
    Yeah, I quit.
  • deadsheepb14_ESO
    Not Enough Events
    More events! More XP boosts! More free stuff! If you're feeling burned out, you don't have to do them. Exercise some self-control.
  • Tommy_The_Gun
    Too Many Events
    Wh... Wha... What is Fatigue...? I am so tired *breathes heavily*
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  • Jayne_Doe
    Too Many Events
    Knootewoot wrote: »
    Haven't logged in for a few days now. Don't care about the motifs and lost interests in the mounts. Especially when there is a queue involved.

    I'll try again this weekend. Oh wait, I'm gone for the weekend.

    That's the opposite of what these events with tickets seem designed to do - generate consistent log-ins. Too many events, and people can burn out.

    Also, some people seem to only be thinking about the Anniversary event, but OP is talking about the cadence of events since last fall, which has been way too many for me. Sure, I've participated in all of them to one degree or another, and have earned lots of event tickets, but I do think fatigue is setting in. I'm looking forward to the Anniversary event being over and having a few weeks before Elsweyr's launch.

    Regarding the Anniversary event in particular, I went all out during the 1st week, but have been more lax during this second week. My spouse and I have done WBs almost exclusively, and we've been doing less and less each day. On the weekend, we threw in the Geysers and a couple of delves.

    Taking week 3 off, as I don't PvP. Then, during week 4, we'll see if my spouse and I are up to a few dungeons. We just do them together, so we're usually limited to just one per day, which is fine.

    Then, week 5 I'll go all out again and will undoubtedly get most of the pages and should be able to afford the rest due to the heavy farming that will happen that last week.

    Then, break time!
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  • kylewwefan
    I Like Pie
    I got the prophets pages pretty quick. Haven’t got a single lyriss page. Totally skipped the thieves guild/brotherhood Heist/Sacrement thing

    It’s all I can do to eat the cake and get a ticket.

    No need for xp anymore really.
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  • leeux
    What's an Event?
    I don't care about events, to be completely honest... if the event consist of something I like to do, I do it... if not, I completely ignore it
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  • Pulque
    Not Enough Events
    Rly? No one forces you to do these events right?
  • Alexsae
    Just About the Right Amount of Events
    I love all of the events. I don't happen to enjoy the current delve quest thing, but it's fine. I'm ignoring that part and will be all over the bg /cyrodiil week. Nothing says we have to do them all. :smile:
  • JadeCoin
    Too Many Events
    Events are one of the reasons I haven't pre-ordered Elsweyr. I have a lot of underdeveloped characters that I still need to work on, who have been running around thieving, throwing flower petals, and rescuing pigs. They probably would have progressed more by now if they were farming gear, collecting skill points, practicing their rotations, and running dungeons. I'm thinking I should finish them before I even think of picking up a new class and more content.

    Also, I do feel a bit burned out on carrots. Not so much the prizes as the awareness that, however indirectly, I'm chasing them rather than simply playing the game. I used to enjoy logging in every day just because I felt like it. Now that I do it with the thought that it's "for the tickets," somehow it's not quite the same, and 5 weeks straight is quite a lot. I may just take a break once the Anniversary Event is over, skip the release of Elsweyr, and pick the game up again in the Fall.

    I think for people who love the events, though, and especially for those who wouldn't log in otherwise, they are great. "Too many events for me" is not the same as "more events than Zenimax should offer anyone." The game certainly isn't about me, and I'm not forced to participate. I'm thankful for the two Indriks, which I did want and which were, to me, worth the hoops they have us jump through to get them. I'm just ready for a lengthy break after this.
  • Odovacar
    Just About the Right Amount of Events
    Its nice we have many calendar events. You don't have to partake but its pleasant knowing you can mostly anytime of the year. If it gets a little overwhelming take a little break. We all need one from time to time.
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  • Neoealth
    I Like Pie
    Nestor wrote: »
    Neoealth wrote: »
    I am having poll fatigue

    They need all these events because of the event tickets though. If you're tired with it, just don't take part. No reason to become concerned.

    The events are to drive log ins, if they back fire and drive folks from the game, or do not generate the interest they are intended to, it can become an issue.

    Seems to be no sign of that happening though. Numbers are up. Participation is optional. Albeit servers are struggling. But your poll was asking if players are tired of events or not.

  • JumpmanLane
    Too Many Events
    Stopped doing them. Who cares. The delve world boss one in particular. It’s boring solo and boring with friends. No one I know is doing them.
    Edited by JumpmanLane on April 17, 2019 7:43PM
    Witch up, lil' witches!
  • Tasear
    What's an Event?
    I took a break on week 2. It's outfit styles so can just collect what I like and not worry about crafting.

    I think enjoy double xp instead of trying hoard motifs.
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  • Mintaka5
    I Like Pie
    Not half as much as I am feeling ***-RNG-fatigue

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  • Dojohoda
    I Like Pie
    Pie VS Event

    Pie > Event

    Pie wins

    Pie first, Pie During Event, Pie After

    3 Pie
    1 Event

    Pie wins

    P I E
    Fan of playing magblade since 2015. (PC NA)
  • MooseKnuckles88
    I Like Pie
    Neoealth wrote: »
    I am having poll fatigue

    They need all these events because of the event tickets though. If you're tired with it, just don't take part. No reason to become concerned.

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