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Could we get a full furnishing pack for homes already setup,like the option when buying homes?

Soul Shriven
I like my Manor,but too big to furnish it completely,and I know others here seem overwhelmed at it also.So could there be a way to buy the Furnished part later after already having the home?It would make it easier for some to redecorate after things are set up for us already.I wouldn't mind spending crowns or gold for the option.
  • wishlist14
    I'm a bit confused by your question. I understand the bit where you say you like your manor. You say quote'I like my manor' so I assume you bought a manor and are happy with it. It appears that you bought it unfurnished. So now you would perhaps like to buy the furniture that would have come with the house had you bought it furnished? So are you asking for a furniture pack to be sold in crown store ? The same furniture you could have bought with your home but which you would rather be able to buy later, separate to you home purchase. Am i on the right path in understanding what you are asking for?

    If I have understood your question and Im on the right path, then I don't think it's a practical idea for zos zince the furniture is already an option when you purchase the house. You dont seem to mind spending the crowns so im still curious as to why you bought it unfurnished? Anyway, my idea is to go to the eso furniture store menu and try to find the style of furniture that comes with the manor you bought and purchase it as single items. You can also craft furniture and buy from Tamriel merchants aswell as guilds. Im sure you are aware of this but yes i got a tad confused by your question but wanted to try to answer it and hopefully offer some help. Im sure you will find a way to make you lovely manor into your dream home. Best of luck 😊😊😊
  • Turelus
    Community Ambassador
    I would love this so much, I do actually regret not buying a couple of with them being fully decorated.
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  • WolfStar07
    Belial could have bought the house with gold, depending on which manor he bought. When buying with gold, you don't have the option to buy furniture, and houses can cost a lot of crowns to begin with, even unfurnished.
  • belial5221_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    I got it free,the Arteum one,and have a few I bought and couldn't afford to get furnished at the time.Not everyone can spend 150-200 USD on a furnished house at one time,or have alot of time to spend setting one item at a time.So an option to get the prefurnished after buying later would be a nice option lots would probably like,and zos would still make the same amount of money off the extra furnished pack.
  • Olauron
    I got it free,the Arteum one,and have a few I bought and couldn't afford to get furnished at the time.
    Psijic Villa has never been sold furnished. That is the reason why you can buy furnishing packs Summerset Noble's Bathing Pack, Summerset Noble's Bedroom Pack, Summerset Noble's Kitchen Pack, Summerset Noble's Parlor Pack. The understandable downside is that you will have to manually put that furniture in the house.
  • belial5221_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    I still have others sold with furnishing options,but never got them at the time.Guess I just gotta wait til they want more money and put the option out there,lol.
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