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What is your dream set from golden vendor?

For me waiting for jorvulds and shalks rings.
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  • Exodium
    Still waiting for bone pirate rings, hulking rings, truth rings etc.

    Seems like the golden vendor rarely ever sells decent rings and only necklaces.
  • Ohtimbar
    Gold spelunker jewels for me! :trollface:
  • max_only
    I thought everyone wanted Zaan.

    Or Earthgore if they didn’t get the last two times.
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  • starkerealm
    I think it's the Scathing Rings I'm missing. (I have the neck.) There's also the Spinner Neck (I think.) Still, that Briar neck this week is a really sweet get.
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  • JaZ2091
    Spriggan and spinners rings
  • phileunderx2
    Jorvulds and whatever heims that have never been there.
  • Peacatcher
    Morihaus neck please :)
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  • Emma_Overload

    Amberplasm necklace.

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  • DreadDaedroth
    Thurvokun helm!
  • Ilithyania
    ZAAN and Gold Mother Sorrow Jewlery
  • Jamdarius
    For me it would be golden Perfect Olorime jewelry since I am 2 lazy to get those purple and golden them :blush: It would surely give me a push to get 2 other pieces in perfect condition :wink:
  • SoLooney
    Gold mothers sorrow neck. Maybe tzokvins as well
  • Karmanorway

    Oh and Earthgore helmet, i only have PvP friends smand will never get it in a pug group :/
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  • Beardimus
    If im honest ive had despitste urges for things but by the time they come my build changes.

    Spinners & Amberplasm were on my list for an age

    Actually need 1 necro ring.

    For the folks after MH helms they really aren't hard to get a clear on, and with transmute etc. It's the shoulders i always want no time for pledges.
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  • Alucardo
    I don't think there's anything I really have in mind. It's more of a "You'll it when you see it" kind of thing.
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  • MartiniDaniels
    Deadly strike gold jewelry ^^
  • Soul19reaper
    What if they started to sell weapons as well with jewellery :trollface:
  • Alucardo
    What if they started to sell weapons as well with jewellery :trollface:

    Would be faster to farm or buy them tbh. With the once a week RNG you'll probably be seeing stuff like Hulking Draugr resto staves. The main appeal of this vendor is usually getting the monster head in the right trait and golden jewellery (because upgrading is expensive af, or you can sell it for a lot).
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  • Lisutaris
    Broom and bucket as a 2 set pcs Combo with CP160.

    This, thx! Ideas for set boni included.
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