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Trials are bugged making it impossible to progress

Soul Shriven
Tonight my progression group when yo do vmol. Everything was ok at first, then we got to the twins. Skills and abilities would not go off, or would go off but have the group couldn't see them. (Ele drain). Some people couldn't see their head color, and couldn't see the conversions. Without seeing those major mechanics we couldn't get through it at all. From talking to other trial leaders, apparently many trials were bugged as well. Atherian Archive, SO, HOF, and hell ra. I highly enjoy harder content, but it can't be played like this. Help! Xbox na server
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  • LoLiPoPW
    Soul Shriven
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  • Lyss1991
    Having the same problems in vMoL with my prog group. Head colors bugged, conversions going off with no indicators..Its nuts! We finished all the Crag stuff and were ready for vMoL, But we cant get through it in this condition.
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  • excoticmushroom
    Soul Shriven
    Played vMoL with prog group on Friday.
    Light heads weren’t showing, and conversion indicators not showing for some people.
    There’s always someone that gets DC’d from the dungeon too around the first lot of adds.
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