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DK stun

So for pvp which stun should I go for
Reverberating bash or fossilize or both :trollface: ?and which ones you guys use and why?

DK stun 13 votes

Reverberating bash
Soul19reaper 1 vote
VandrilDeep_01MaxJrFTWSiohwenoehtrobprValldezjuhislihis19 7 votes
Sleep724max_onlyZacuelJohn_FalstaffKhajiitFelix 5 votes
  • Zacuel
    I just voted both so I could see the results....
  • MrGraves
    Zacuel wrote: »
    I just voted both so I could see the results....

    you can view results on this without voting. it's next to the vote button. says view results.

    I don't play DK much so didn't vote.
  • MaxJrFTW
    Doesn't matter, both are OP. One because it doesn't break properly, the other one because it's a stun and a root at the same time.

    Fossilize is better for group play though. Makes it easy to pick a target.
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  • russelmmendoza
    Stonefist something.
    Knocks them down and heals you.
  • max_only
    I love when talons and Fossilize is on the same person. I cry every time 😂😩

    And with how broken cc is, I just chain or silver Leash them in as soon as they get away <3 <3
    Jk, I stopped pvp on my stam dk a few months back. maybe it’s better now, but I doubt it

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  • juhislihis19
    Fossilize, because it grants you Minor Brutality and in addition to stun, immobilizes the enemy. Meaning they have to break free and roll rodge to get moving.

    Reve Bash got Major Defile, which is essential as well. Both are good and used by me but never in the same build.
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