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Are dead NPCs de-spawning faster? - signed: a hungry WW

I'm seeing this primarily in dungeons while running solo. Prior to the last patch, there was a reasonable amount of time to consume mobs my werewolf had killed. Now it seems the ones without loot are gone before I can fully consume the first, sometimes before the fight is even over. Because the dead NPCs with loot remain, this is usually inconvenient rather than breaking the play style. Still, when many playing werewolves are requesting an ability toggle, I wonder at this move that makes it a bit harder to retain form in group content.
  • Androconium
    If it slows you down, then its likely to be a real change.

    My beef with NPCs is them continuing to sweep, read, or sit idly, whilst I wait for an interaction with them.
    Others now appear to change direction and work toward me at an intercepting angle.

    I'm sure I'm imagining all this.
    bye now.

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