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Veteran Frostvault - The Vault Protector Lasers not functioning correctly

Frostvault, Eastmarch, Tamriel

3st boss - The Vault Protector.

Around 40% of the times the laser is active

What happens
The laser either kills people who are stood opposite the laser emmitor with the bosses ice shield between them and the emitter or the laser seemingly graphically '*** up' and gets stuck on the first polygon of the bosses shield.

What is meant to happen
The laser should always be straight and should not kill people stood so that the bosses shield is between their position and the emitters positon.

Since when has this been happening
Since Wrathstone patch. (Though did not occur on the PTS)
Thanks @Kilnerdyne for the formatting

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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    Thanks, we're aware and working on getting this fixed.
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  • Jaimeh
    PC/EU, have also noticed this; it wasn't in every beam phase, and even if we were all standing in the correct side of it, it would still kill us.

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    It's not zerging if we are all solo and just happen to go to the same place independently xD
  • Valor
    I got around this by jumping over the lasers. I get my cardio in AND I don't die to the lasers.
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  • heaven13
    PC/NA - have noticed that about halfway through the fight the bubble disappears and boss stands up but lasers are still going and his body blocks the lasers as if he is still in the shield. Is this intended or a bug?
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  • CyberOnEso
    Thanks, we're aware and working on getting this fixed.

    Thanks for keeping us in the know, this kind of interaction- particularly on the bug reports forum is greatly aprecaited!!
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  • Tasear
    Reported this early this pC NA
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  • profundidob16_ESO
    Confirmed. Mission impossible !

    We succesfully 3-manned this boss on vet in 4.3.4 and now in 4.3.5 while standing all 4 in the perfect spot some of us died and others didn't. Definitely broken.
  • Original-Solrac
    Soul Shriven
    Also wondering if the laser Mechanic is broken. On alqast I noticed it says lasers at 70, 40, and 20%. But when I have run it they start at 90 and come avout every 15 to 10%. Also after about 30% I've had boss shield disappear. Playing on Xbox Thanks.
    Edited by Original-Solrac on March 15, 2019 7:06PM
  • mwdillon23
    Soul Shriven
    Confirmed my group is having same issue since launch on Xbox. Boss shield often does not correctly block lasers.

  • Hotdog_23
    Confirm same on PS4. Shield starts at 90% and only partially blocks laser if at all. Did not count but I bet we had 6-7 laser phases for the fight. Not sure but seems like they went for more 4 lasers at times as well.

    We had a lot of wipes on this boss. Most of the time you touch a laser you die no matter what also seen other times when someone would miss getting behind the shield or go to far around the shield and the laser would hit them but do no damage.

    Had 2 different people leave and others come in said they had did the boss before on vet and it was not buggy/broken like this.
  • profundidob16_ESO
    last night had that bug again
  • shootatme80
    Xbox/NA, I've spent quite a few hours now just on the vault protector. I finally managed to get past this boss, but even during that fight I died to a laser hitting me while I was stacked safely(or so I thought) behind the shield. It's extremely frustrating to battle through everything else going on in that fight and then die even though you're were you are supposed to be. Sometimes the lasers seem to be on a timer, and others health based or both. I've had 6+ laser phases. I would like to know what the intended mechanics are.
    Edited by shootatme80 on March 18, 2019 11:51AM
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