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PC EU every evening around this time Battlegrounds and dungeon queue not working

When you queue it says unable to queue but you can get it to work by spamming queue, but even if you do you still can join a game as every single time it says someone declined the invite and I'm sure its not the case for like 50 attempts to join.

Can we please fix this ESO is unplayable at this time.

I think the problem is relate to high server traffic at this time

I checked and everyone in zone chat is having the same problem
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  • idk
    This has been a known issue for well over a year now, except Zos added a cap for queueing during the undaunted event which is why you get the message you cannot queue now. Funny how they clearly stated they thought they fixed the issue even though there have been some very clearly worded threads explaining the issue persisted and that the issue was without a doubt the GF.

    It appears the same server (or virtual server) is used for both GF and dungeons since both share the same problems during prime time. I do not recall this issue occurring before BGs were added. Essentially the service is being overloaded.

    So in the end, we have no idea when Zos will fix this other than they will not hold another event that requires use of the GF until they (think) they fixed it again.

    If I am correct that the same service manages both BGs and Dungeons then the solution is either build a better system or have two different GF services handling this. The ladder is probably the easiest solution.
    Really, idk
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