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Akula’s Psijic Villa WIP

Here it is, My Psijic Villa.
It is nowhere near complete, in fact the opposite I’m only just beginning.

Also before watching, I’d just like to point out that the quality isn’t great, however it should be decent enough for you to see what I have done to the place so far

Here’s what I’ve done so far:
Outside I’ve added statues, I’ve attempted a garden which is more just random plants scattered around, I’ve outlined a small pool of water reserved for some future use.
Inside I’ve built second floors in the main hall and back room*
I’ve created a Daedric shrine.... uh I mean a completely none evil shrine in the back room,
In one of the side rooms I’ve started to work on guest accommodations.

* I’m not happy with the second floors as they are and plan on doing a lot of work to improve the second flooring. However my High Hall house will likely take much of my focus before the next Psijic Villa update so keep your eyes open for High Hall Update II coming soon :)

Thanks for watching & reading this post, please feel free to leave feedback
XBL GT: Shadow Akula 96
Looking for a decent trading guild
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