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Show off your theme rooms!!

Good morning to all. Since its sunday, and, like many, I go back to work tomorrow, I'm working on my grand villa.

My wife and I plan to make the different rooms have different themes. Just to have fun and get used to the housing tools and practice. Since the community gave such great advice with my furnishings question, I thought I might ask to pick your brains once more. 😇

I am asking you to share pictures of your theme rooms. Really any type of rooms that look cool, would be awesome to see. I'm in the process of doing a black magic/necromantic room with a deadric shrine in the basement of the grand villa and will share pics when I figure out how.

I'm really excited to see what people have made, don't hold back. Thanks to anyone who replies.
  • twisttop138
    Vulsahdaal wrote: »
    I dont think I really have 'themed' rooms, I just decorate in whatever styles seem to suit the character that owns the home.
    The closest I think I can get is my primary home, Mistveil Manor, is sort of a shared house for all my characters. The dining room also serves as a trophy room.
    Though some of the trophies would kill my appetite, my characters dont seem to mind.


    Upstairs in the same home is sort of drink, relax and gamble area-


    My stamDK purchased the Alinor Townhouse for himself, and has also set up a drink, relax, gamble room-



    Even the statues are having fun-


    Im currently working on the psijic villa for my Altmer magsorc. It will be very magic themed, but has a long way to go yet before I can post pics.

    Amazing pictures!!! You've obviously put a lot of effort into your decorating. Those rooms look great.

    I am also starting on the grand Villa, which is where this post came from. I am working on a necromancer/ deadric shrine room and like an outlaws den room.

    Would love to see more people's creations.
  • spartaxoxo
    I made this for Halloween

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  • FurySevenSix
    I have barely done anything housing related so far, let alone a themed room. These are amazing, they give me lots of inspiration/motivation, thanks for sharing. :smiley:
  • Ye_Olde_Crowe
    Only two of my houses have something like a 'theme room': Earthtear with a 'Daedra Princes' wall (but I currently have no pix, might take some later) and Silent Magnifico's with its Dwemer/clockwork-themed study...
    BEV76Gk.jpg (not the best pic, I know)
    ...and its four botany corners (as the house lacks a garden):
    a) desert-themed
    b) jungle-themed
    c) autumn-themed
    Needless to say this is the main home of my science-hungry main character.

    Made a pic of the Earthear Daedra Princes wall:
    Mephala needs brighter (and redder) lighting, but the one light that would be fine for this is way too expensive for my taste.
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    'Ursus arctos arctos' translates to 'Bear bear bear'.

    Solo PvEer/RPer/housing enthusiast/pet-and-mount hoarder
    PC EU
  • twisttop138
    Awesome pictures. Earthtear cavern is pretty cool. The corner gardens are nice as well.
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