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Update 24 and the Dragonhold DLC Game Pack are both now available for testing on the PTS! Experience the amazing conclusion to the Season of the Dragon saga. You can read the full patch notes here: 

•The Elder Foundry •START MAKING GOLD, RIGHT NOW, 4 FREE! •Loaded Guild Hall •Active Public Trader


•Trading is primary focus.
•New members trade FREE until Oct. 1st!
•Access to Public Trader immediately.
•No promotion needed to start selling.


•Please help us keep a trader by donating.
•After Free Trial period, continue access to Trader by donating 10k by 1st of each month (That’s ONLY 333 gold per DAY!)

•Rank Up & Save Even More!

Vendor - 55k/6mos = 306 gold/day
Pedlar - 100k/year = 274 gold/day
Elder - 500k/LIFETIME

•GM: Baneful Legion


•Casual, social, PvE focused.
•Created for newer players, all are welcome.
•Over 150+ members.
•No Public Trader
Benefits for all Foundry Guilds

•Guild Hall: Loaded, Elinhir Private Arena! All crafting, outfit, & transmute stations, growing collection of attunables, many targets including the Iron Atronach! Dueling arena & more!
•BAND app: Faster, easier way to organize & communicate, in & out of game. Guild Events, ESO News, all while on the go! Separate chats for crafting, price checks, scheduling groups etc.
•Crafting: We have master crafters & many journeyman crafters willing to help out.
How to Join!

1) Xbox Message: Baneful Legion

2) Use the in-game guild finder tool under the social section and search for your preferred guild.

3) Find us on the BAND app, search “The Foundry”, & request an invite from any one of our friendly members.

Thank you and happy adventures!
Edited by Baneful_Legion on September 16, 2019 11:41PM
  • Baneful_Legion
    Just got buried in 2ft of snow! Ugh
  • Baneful_Legion
    Edited by Baneful_Legion on June 19, 2019 4:21AM
  • Baneful_Legion
    Who’s excited for Elsweyr?! New province, new class, dragons! What more could you want?! Besides the return of the Dwemer!
  • Baneful_Legion
    Who’s changing their main to a Necro?
  • lucas928
    Could i get an invite? i love to group with people when i can and am looking for a good trader/PVE guild. since I'm a seasoned player, i would prefer The Elder Foundry if there is space available, but if not that's okay. im a returning player at level CP 80 and really getting back into ESO. My GT is xXHaykEye623Xx.
  • ELawlis
    Soul Shriven
    I'd love an invite, No problem keeping trade slots full. Do you have a trader? GT: ELawlis
  • Baneful_Legion
    Invites will be sent as soon as possible. Currently we do not have a public trader. We bid every week though.
    Edited by Baneful_Legion on January 25, 2019 6:20AM
  • Baneful_Legion
    Happy Friday everyone! Xbox on!🥃
  • Baneful_Legion
    We have have our drawings every Sunday. Don’t miss your chance to get a CROWN CRATE! The Lottery is up to 125k! Sign up today and deposit dues for eligibility.
  • Baneful_Legion
    Congratulations to CrescentLunaR29! Our crown crate winner for the week of 1/26.
  • Baneful_Legion
    Welcome all new members! We just launched our official BAND plz join & check us out.
  • Baneful_Legion
    Hope everyone is staying warm out there.
  • Lexx_Sollus45
    Soul Shriven
    Gt Lexx Sollus
    If I could join that would be great! Definitely need a new trading guild!
  • Baneful_Legion
    I’ll send an invite as soon as I can, plz make sure you have a guild slot open. Ty!
  • Baneful_Legion
    Happy Friday everyone!
  • Baneful_Legion
    Big welcome to all new members!
  • Cjfowler66b14_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Hi Baneful!

    I’ve been looking for a new trading guild recently and have a ton of stuff to put on the market! Would love to join up if you’ve got room

    Gt: XI Nightfury IX
  • Baneful_Legion
    Invite has been sent.
  • Baneful_Legion
    We now have ALL Mundus Stones, visit Baneful Legion’s residence.
  • Baneful_Legion
    Hope everyone is enjoying the event!
  • Baneful_Legion
    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
  • Baneful_Legion
    Hi all!
  • Baneful_Legion
    Don’t be shy, message me today!
  • Baneful_Legion
    Tired of winter...ugh
  • Baneful_Legion
    If you haven’t already be sure to start the quest line for Thieves and Dark Brotherhood.
  • nofsimus
    Hey guys can you throw me an invite? I should be on around 6 p.m. Eastern
    Are you guys pretty active with voice chatting with headsets or only in raids?
    GT Nofseratu
    Edited by nofsimus on March 6, 2019 5:19PM
  • Baneful_Legion
    Sorry for the delay, I’ll invite as soon as I get home from work.
  • Baneful_Legion
    Wrathstone is almost here!
  • Baneful_Legion
    Winter is finally ending, hoot hoot!
  • Baneful_Legion
    Love all the new quality of life updates. Load times need some work though.
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