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What housing updates are you hoping to see this year?

  • Chaos2088
    *Increase in item slots, mainly for the big homes.

    *Farming nodes to be added, not gonna lie a garden patch would be awesome

    *NPC's some stand still ones or intractable ones

    *More in game items, crown store only items do leave a bitter taste in the mouth.
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  • bluebird
    Oh, and I'd like everything to have a bottom.
    Oh, yes, there is a disappointing lack of bottoms in this game :smirk: Can't have enough bottoms!
  • ghastley
    Let's throw in "primary residence" per character, instead of just per account. Mine each have their own home, but there's nothing in the game that reflects that.

    Yes, I understand the point of having "port to ..." be a stable location, but a player can change that at whim now. Porting to the residence of the current character being played makes more sense.

    And in the same change, it should be possible to designate a house as primary for a guild. Separating house from account should make that easier.
  • Joosef_Kivikilpi
    Mundus Stones to be collectibles so you may use them in any home instead of once, which is extremely expensive to begin even thinking of putting mundus subs in any other home other than guild location.
  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    1. Remove the placement condition on crafting station intractables so they can be placed or used anywhere.
    2. More Mounts and Pets
    3. Give the Pets a path script and give the mounts some idle animations, like eating. Of course we would need straw, feed and water troughs.
    4. Increase the item limit with the penalty being no dueling
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  • Mysanne
    - ambient NPCs
    - more pets slots
    - big and powerful lamps that illuminate well for the large size houses
    - more flowers that can be placed in vases or both in one
    - bards that JUST plays instrumentals (yes ! no voice !)
    - farming nodes and fishing holes
    - small and medium size houses NOT FOR CROWNS, please !
  • TheRealPotoroo
    bluebird wrote: »
    Oh, and I'd like everything to have a bottom.
    Oh, yes, there is a disappointing lack of bottoms in this game :smirk: Can't have enough bottoms!

    Too many tops and not enough bottoms is the bane of my life.
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  • katanagirl1
    Soul Shriven
    Biggest improvement for me would be in improving the housing editor and placing objects. We have the ability to link objects now, but the time involved to line multiple pieces up is frustrating. It seems very clunky to me, coming from a game where you could create your own levels within a game using an editor (LittleBigPlanet). You can move an object in ESO housing editor from side to side, but in order to move it back or forward the player character has to move. Implementing a back/forth option with the L2 and R2 trigger buttons would make life a lot easier. Seems like there should be a way to have one object snap to another.

    Also, it's hard to move large objects because the camera moves to one end of the object and you can't see the whole object. The camera in general moves and so does the object as soon as you click on an object, making small movements nearly impossible. By the time you've clicked on it, it's already moved and isn't where you last placed it.

    Of course, I'm on console so maybe your PC add-ons have some way to work around this but I'm not sure how.
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