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Battlegrounds keep crashing

Basically unless I log out and re-login again after ever BG, it will crash while I'm playing, and then I'm stuck with a penalty timer for something that is completely unfair. I'm really not impressed with this, as it's been happening for about a week now for me, and longer for others. If it's going to crash mid-game, that's pretty appalling, but then to be penalised for something that's a bug? Needs to be changed/fixed ASAP. I'm paying a lot of money into this game. I would hope things like this would not go so frequently unnoticed :(
  • Mercanis
    Either that, or we wait ages for players just to give up and then get a timer penalty anyway. It needs fixing.
  • StarOfElyon
    Tried to do battlegrounds but it wouldn't start. I had to quit and got a penalty. After my penalty, I tried to join another one, same problem.
  • Neoealth
    Same. One if many problems. Causes my pc to bsod

  • Minno
    welcome to PVP lol. I think they have only one server controlling BGs. It was laggy/crap for me at times.
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  • Mercanis
    Haha fair enough. I was hoping it was just a temporary thing
  • iCaliban
    5 out of 6 matches i joined this morning failed to start. Spent 5-10+ minutes waiting in each one
  • Lord_Xenofex
    I just logged on to report similar issue. After every battlegrounds match, it goes to load screen and then music stops and the load screen spinner stops spinning. Aggravating having to shut down and log back in after every match.

    I’ve also gotten the one where it dumps you into an empty battleground with only a couple of players and then just kicks everyone out.
    Edited by Lord_Xenofex on January 18, 2019 6:37AM
  • Anotherone773
    I gave up on it. I hate pvp in this game anyway, it is horrible. Only reason i am doing BGs is for those stupid event tickets. But honestly its not worth the headache.
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