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My Opinion About Starting ESO

Soul Shriven
About a week ago me and my friends bought this game, because currently mmos are like single player games and we wanted a good mmorpg experience. We bought the game we created characters (that part was fantastically made btw) and we hopped in. First things first. Game is very optimized. With my monkey ass pc which can't run games like rust I easily played ESO on high. Graphics were also beautiful. When we found each other we said.. Hey why not duel, see how the combat system feels like. We click on duel, we start fighting and what do we see. We don't deal any damage to each other. Now I'm not sure if this is supposed to be like that, but it was very dissatisfying, and it gave us kind of a wtf feel for the rest of our gameplay that night. Quests feel just like a single player game, I guess that was made, because all of the complaining from Elder Scrolls games. They do feel a lot better and immersive than wow's quests but it's not what an mmorpg should be like. I don't know.. Am I stupid or do you guys think this shouldn't be like that?
  • MihailBoychev
    Soul Shriven
    From the elder scrolls fans.. I made a mistake and there isn't an edit button.. excuse me
  • Vapirko
    So you start the game, and without leveling or any good gear you duel and don't like it because you're not doing damage? I could write an essay on why this is and what to do about it but I don't really have the time and so many others have already done it. In short this is normal. Give it some time, level up, visit any of the thousands of post, youtube videos, twitch streams that can help you play catch up. I know some people will get mad at me for posting this, and Im not saying this site is the be all and end all of theory crafting, but Id advise you to visit which so far as I know is the most current and comprehensive writeup on classes, builds, skill lines, and generally getting started in PvE.

    If PvP is your thing then awesome. Once you get a bit of gear and reach level 10 you can do under 50 Battlegrounds and/or visit the Kyne open world map. Im going to say this though, PvP in this game is a steep and punishing learning curve if you desire to do anything more than just zerg around. Id suggest joining some decent guilds so you can ask questions.
    Edited by Vapirko on January 12, 2019 7:15AM
  • jcm2606
    ESO's PVP is very fast-paced, and the TTK opponents is incredibly short, with some fights ending merely seconds after they started. Most of that damage, though, comes from a combination of many aspects of a build, such as your class, race, CP spread (account-wide leveling system once you hit level 50 on a character, you won't have to worry about CP yet), abilities, passives, weapons (for 2H and dual wield: swords offer a flat bonus to all damage done; axes offer an extra DOT for added pressure; maces/mauls offer extra armour penetration; daggers offer extra critical damage), gear sets, item traits, enchants, poisons, your specific ability combo when fighting other players, how well you play in general, etc.

    You're missing basically all of that, only having a small portion of your class and race to play with, few abilities and passives, a very small selection of gear sets, item traits and enchants, the inability to choose which weapons you want to use, etc. You lack most of your class and race abilities and passives, most of the available gear sets, most of the item traits and enchants, poisons, the ability to freely choose which weapons you want to use, CP, a solid ability combo for fighting other players, and an understanding of how the game plays. These are huge losses, and will absolutely ruin your damage output.

    As Vapirko said in their own way, you really can't expect to dish out solid damage when you've just started the game. Even if you had access to all the items and systems I've outlined above, you still can't expect to dish out solid damage in a consistent manner as you lack an understanding of how the game plays, and you lack a solid combo.

    If you're serious when it comes to PVP, I'd recommend looking up some PVP gameplay, as what you'll experience now is in no way indicative of what PVP will be like once you're actually ready to jump into it.
    @jcm2606 | PC NA | CP 940+ | Stormproof | Boethia's Scythe
  • Morgul667
    Tanks take time to kill but other people tend to melt

    Your char is way too fresh to truely represent the state of teso
  • Zacuel
    Pretty much you should have dueled someone else and get smashed to have an idea of what it's normally like.
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