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Infinite "Waiting for Players" in BGs

this bug has been around forever and still not fixed, 20 minute penalty after you are forced to leave the BG because of this endless "waiting on players"...I sometimes don't understand how you can produce more and more content which must take a huge amount of resources but can't/don't fix issues like this in the game? We have the Midyear Mayhem event going on now and nobody thought this should be fixed?
  • idk
    It is likely due to the GF issue. I expect both dungeons and BGs use the same system.

    If so, then I expect Zos does not feel BGs are required for this event based on their comments after the Undaunted event.

    Again, that is if my suspicions are correct. @ZOS_RichLambert do your thread and comments I am speaking about.
    Really, idk
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