The house that Thal built (Autumns gate)

I finally took the plunge and brought a small first home to start working on and other than a few extra's to add finishing detail it's pretty much complete. It's taken inspiration from a couple of you-tubers homes, trying to keep a Nordic theme. I've also used decorations and memento's from area's I've travelled to. The fan from Hews Bane, imgur skull, the Lynx, a Breton chair in recognition of my main, etc










I'm especially proud of the hot tub area as being in a Nordic locale I thought it's perfect to relax in there to get rid of the aches and pains after a hard days adventuring. I'm going to add a couple of mugs/glasses here to go with the 2 towels.

My plan is to add a clothing station to go beside the outfit station (in my hut), the blacksmith station to go in the barn, the woodworking station to go beside the pile of wood, Alchemist station will be behind the snow fern. the fire place has the new life fire which doubles as a working provisioning station. Unsure if I'll add the enchanting and jewellery station but we'll see.

I definitely discovered that if when I added bits like my hot pool area it seriously ate up my furnishing spots, so my kitchen and lounge area isn't anywhere near as busy as I'd like it. Maybe another 20-30 slots would help but we'll see as I may a few alterations outside.

Oh and OMG recipes and making stuff is expensive. House 60k, everything else 300-400k...…..

Any pointers appreciated.


  • Kagukan
    Looks nice!.
  • Watchdog
    It is a nice and cozy house.

    One pointer I would like to give you is to go to settings/controls and to assign a key to the Switch UI on/off function, so that you can take screenshots without the minimap and such things interfering.

    The screenshots will look much nicer that way.
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  • Tigerseye
    Looks great. :smile:

    Love Autumn's Gate - you can make it really homely and it's good value for the gold.

    ...and yeah, decorating isn't cheap.

    As you get higher level and amass more blueprints it, obviously, gets a little easier.

    Although, supply of furnishing mats has not been attuned to meet the current demand; so, it's got more expensive from that point of view, lately, too.

  • Thalidar
    Thanks for input guys. I've added a hot key now to remove the ui stuff and have a blacksmithing station. It was going to go into the barn but then I realised realistically hot coals and mounts probably aren't that safe to mix.

    When I get a chance I'll update the photos. Inc some day time ones as well.
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