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Another round of in-game housing for 2019?

After 2 years of housing, I would love to see this element of the game get some revitalisation as (imo) it feels like the child in the family that's a little forgotten about.
Yes, there have been some great houses come out since Homestead launch but it has predominantly been a drip feed of crown store mega-manors a scattering of inconsistent furniture items.
For 2019, I would love to see a substantial release for housing with one of the DLC. I would happily sacrifice a dungeon for another set of content similar to Homesteads first release.
It would be great to get another 12-16 houses, available in different styles and locations, and ALL available for in-game purchase. Also, a second substantial release of furniture recipes.
I just don't think that the current strategy of drip feeding DLC themed 'bits' are a good way of building up the furniture compilation. I think that this element of game needs a significant injection.
What do you guys think?
I'll play the game my way and you play it your way!
  • Tigerseye
    I wholeheartedly agree! The persistent “crown only” mega-mansions is getting old. I have several and they are straight up not fun to decorate anymore. They take so long and so many materials. 😢 Also, I have noticed with every new addition to the drop table of prints we are losing old ones. Many MANY original prints that drop in standard zones are now only dropping from the writ voucher vendor random boxes. (I farm certain areas religiously and have not seen a purple red guard pillow or bottle print drop in MONTHS now, when before I could get at least one a week) I don’t know if that is on purpose and ZOS was hoping we wouldn’t notice or what. A significant addition to house would be soooooooo nice. I already have, and have decorated, ALL of the small homes. I’m working my way through the middle category. And I have probably half of the notables now. I loved the little homes, especially the 100/200 and 200/400 slot homes and apartments. So much fun to decorate and SOO much that you can do with them! I think one major addition aimed at the crafters/harvesters a year isn’t too much to ask... and arguably housing was aimed pretty directly at them(us) one way or another.... I think we are due.

    Yeah, something is definitely going on with the drop-rate of purple furnishing plans...

    Obviously, the droprate of the Summerset ones is very low, now; but, certain older ones just don't seem to be available, at all, anymore.

    Was looking for a Redguard Spittoon blueprint, recently and there are none on the guild traders.

    ...and yes, most Notables (and some of the larger, non-Notable, houses) are completely ruined by the furnishing limit and are often just not really very well designed, in general, in terms of the layout.

    Strange, corridor-like layouts, or (small) oddly shaped bedrooms, or tiny houses on huge plots, or cavernous areas with no real house at all...

    I'm just not interested in most of them.

    My ideal house would be like the Alinor townhouse, but with stairs leading down from the inner hallway to a basement (for storage chests and maybe crafting stations) and 700 slots.

    Could have a garden leading off one of the downstairs rooms, rather than a terrace.

    Although, I do really like the terrace, too, actually.

    Or, perhaps a house about the size of Old Mistveil, with a stable for crafting; but, with a proportionately sized upstairs, with four bedrooms (or three bedrooms and a bathroom) leading off a central landing/corridor.

    Again, with 700 slots.
    Edited by Tigerseye on January 9, 2019 11:48PM
  • Wildberryjack
    I just want more inn rooms and smaller houses. Seems lately everything has been ginormous and cost a fortune in either crowns (some exclusively) or in gold.
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  • Thannazzar
    TBH don't care if they are Crown Only as long as:

    1. They are sufficiently sized to be fully furnished within the current cap.
    2. They should be 5500 crowns or less.
  • Jayne_Doe
    I just want more inn rooms and smaller houses. Seems lately everything has been ginormous and cost a fortune in either crowns (some exclusively) or in gold.

    I agree. I'd love to see an apartment in Balmora of Hew's Bane or a small home in Anvil or Orsinium. Or a small tower in Sadrith Mora or a nice cozy cottage with a garden in Eastmarch or Summerset.

    Also, I'd love to see more functionality in homes. I've created lovely crafting areas in several of my homes, but I never use them because my characters have to do their crafting writs in town. If I'm crafting for my own use, I sometimes will use the provisioning and alchemy stations. But, when I'm crafting gear, I have to go to the guild hall for the set stations and will just enchant the gear there.

    I'd love to have a writ board/turn-in chest or an NPC writ courier for my homes.
  • Thalidar
    I completely agree with you all. Housing is in bit of a mess at the moment.

    I'd love more recipes, way cheaper manufacturing of the recipes and way more realistic houses, sizing costs etc. I can't work out how a small home has 200 spots and a house 15 times larger only has 700.

    How about there being 4-5 townhouses in a row in a city so you and your friends can live next door, or a small warehouse for a smuggler. I mean seriously, no housing/pad in Hews Bane is terrible.... An outdoor woodsy toon may like a treehouse, or an entrance through a cave to a small hidden woodland area.

    Also staff, cleaners, chefs, security etc. Make them look and feel alive. Some of these places would be taken over by squatters without them.

    There are so many possibilities..

    Edited by Thalidar on January 13, 2019 11:31PM
  • Jaimeh
    I would like for ZOS to revisit the number of certain materials needed for housing recipes, or their drop rate, like culanda lacquer, hackwing plumage, dwemer frames... as well as add furnishing materials to surveys dropped from daily writs--I always find mundane runes and decorative wax to be the limiting factor when crafting furnishings. Increased recipe drop rates would be great as well, though I doubt they'd ever revisit that, since the in-house crown menu wouldn't be as profitable. Furthermore, if the slot allowance stays the same, then I'd like to see at least more slots for collectibles, like pets and mounts. It's a pity to have all these pets but only be able to place a handful of them. Finally, more medium houses for sale would be nice, and if we can't do away with the time-limited sales model, then at the very least we should have a bigger time bracket for these offerings (and the furnishing packs should be a permanent addition to the store).

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  • GeekChef
    Soul Shriven
    I've only been playing for about a month, but I would like to see more small and medium housing. I just purchased Captain Margeaux's Place and haven't started to decorate yet. I started playing for crafting and housing. Every time I loot a pattern or recipe, I'm very excited. I hope to see them expend a bit more energy toward housing.
  • anadandy
    I totally agree, Housing needs some love - and more than just a crown sink.

    I was just playing through Alten Corimont quests in Shadowfen on an alt and was struck by how cool the ship interiors are (that then become quest locked) and what nice player homes they'd make

    The Blasted Breton
    The Graceful Dominator

    Copy paste a few of those - without the ridiculous "grotto" attached.

    Also as mentioned above, there is great potential for apartments or small homes all over the vanilla game areas. There are some really cute small houses scattered all over the map that could be homes.
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