What attuned crafting stations are a must for your home?

Or, which were the first few you bought for your home?

I have a couple of 262 Master Jewelry writs I am about to complete, and am thinking of getting an attuned crafting station for my home, but not sure which to get. There are just so many to choose from. Kvatch? Night Mother? Mech acuity? Hundings? Julianos? Uhg, the choices.

Which ones do you guys have?
  • MonkLoHan
    Maybe this could have been in the Crafting forums instead of the Housing forums?
  • VaranisArano
    Whichever one you use.

    Hunding's & Julianos are the reliable standby of crafting sets for PVE stam amd mag builds. Torug's, if you expect to craft for tanks.

    If PVP oriented, I'd go Sloads or Shacklebreaker unless you have a specific build in mind.

    Alternatively, pick sets that you'll hate having to go to the actual set stations.
  • Darkhorse1975
    Alternatively, pick sets that you'll hate having to go to the actual set stations.

    This is great advice for those with an aversion to traveling to Imperial City set crafting station.
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  • wenchmore420b14_ESO
    For our guild hall, I started with the hardest to get to, i.e. Imperial City ones.
    Then I started with all the DLC tables for any guildies that don't have those DLC's.
    As far as JC tables, I really don't care as Zo$ made JC such a incredible grindy mess that I only put a few of the most popular sets in.
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  • Zacuel
    Unless your heart is set on purchasing your own attuned crafting station I would suggest finding a guild that has ALL attuned crafting stations.

    They do exist. Even ones that don't have weekly dues.
  • Hippie4927
    When the attuneable stations first came out, I got Julianos, TBS, and Seducer. Then my guild got all the attuneables, so I quit getting them.
  • Tigerseye

    I hate the current system and wouldn't start adding those things to my house, if I were you.

    As Zacuel says, I would find a guild that has a guildhouse with them in, or where someone else (who is kind enough to let you use them) has them, instead.

    Wait until they make it a voucher system, where you add new sets to one attunable station, per craft, before going down that road yourself.
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  • ghastley
    The number of different sets is getting to the point where multiple attuning is needed. Fewer stations, with a drop-down list, would
    1. reduce the space they take up, and allow smaller homes to craft them all
    2. remove the need to free up furnishing slots every time a new set is added
    3. let guildhalls have more "meeting" functionality, instead of having to give it all over to crafting.
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