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My DLC says purchased in crown store but not collected please help!?

Soul Shriven
I bought the collectors edition but my DLC is missing. Stuff like the mount Bloodshadow Wraith Steed and non-combat pet Fledgling Gryphon, it says purchased in crown store but not collected. I have no in-game emails telling me I can collect them. I submitted a ticket to requesting support but I just received an auto-response email noting my issue and suggesting I ask on the forum. If you have any advice I'd really appreciate it :)

(I am using the EU megaserver)
  • missimperialzombie
    Soul Shriven
  • Shadowshire

    Have you checked the Collections feature in-game? Although the tooltip shown in the screenshot states "Not Collected", in my experience it, will only state that if the item is currently not recorded in the appropriate category of the Collections UI. After purchasing it in the Crown Store, and closing the Crown Store UI, then you should find the item in Collections.

    If you are sure that it is not in the Collections, then:
    1. Ensure that the screenshot which you have posted in your second message is at the bottom of the list in the Screeshots folder.
    2. Report the problem by using the /bug command in the Chat text entry field, or by pressing <F1>.
    3. Choose Feedback, and the category, then choose Crown Store from the dropdown list of sub-categories.
    4. After explaining the problem, checkmark the "Attach Screenshot" box at the bottom.
    5. When you use the Submit button, the game client will send your message with that screenshot attached.
    The game client will also display a dialog that has a Ticket Number on it. Take a screenshot for future reference -- or make a note of it.

    Ordinarily, Support will not respond a report of a problem submitted by this method, but you can refer to that Ticket Number when you contact Support about it again. Reply to their automatic brush-off acknowledgements and any subsequent e-mails until they resolve the problem. Add the Ticket Number to the subject line of your replies if it is not already there.

    The only other thing that you can do is also post your report to this forum's Customer Support section for General support. Include the Ticket Number in your post, and add @ZOS_Jessica Folsom as the first line. :smile:

    Good Luck!

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