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crafting stations in our houses?

In My xbox tamriel game I have most of the homes available and have the ability to adopt kids, have a housekeeper, follower, and my craft stations in my home. As far as I can tell none of this carried over to homes in the elderscrolls online. Hoping developers have a way to do some of this. Would be way ahead of the other games I play. Most of which do not let you have a home, or adopt kids, have a follower or even decorate your home.
  • silvermistktralasub17_ESO
    You seem to be confusing Skyrim with ESO...Skyrim has followers/children/etc, but is kinda strange how it works (or worked the last I played it). In ESO, you *can* purchase crafting stations (either from master writ vouchers, or through the crown store, or even from guild traders), but the only 'followers' you can place are the banker, merchant, smuggler, and, if you bought it with crowns, the soul striven guy. They don't move around. Furnishings can be created using ones you buy from vendors, crown store, guild stores, or that you make. I would suggest doing a google on ESO housing, as there's a lot of information involved in it.

  • WuffyCerulei
    You can have crafting stations in your house. You get them from guild traders or the Master Writ guy.
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