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So next ESO Live gonna touch on PvP issues/stability or nah?

So we've had these issues for a while and some got even worse i.e stuck in combat bug but yet again there's really no discussion on what's being done or possible solutions to band-aid it while a true fix is developed e.g allow all players to mount/change skills regardless of combat status.

There's an outcry both within the silent majority (via zone chat) and the vocal minority about issues with stability in PvP; as far as I can remember the only talk about these issues was done sometime last year when someone talked about a finding the "Silver bullet". Players including myself have continued to knock ZOS for their subpar performance in terms of being transparent as to what steps are being done to address these issues or even having weekly/monthly discussions about how those issues are being worked and the progress thus far.

Frankly all I've seen is the next crown store update is coming next week but nothing about how we go about fixing stuck in combat other than "We're not sure how to implement it" :trollface:? and literally nothing about the embarrassing performance issues in PvP that have plagued this game for years.

So again the question as the title lays out, will the next ESO Live finally have an in-depth discussion about how things are going to be fixed and if PvP stability is just a pie in the sky ideology as it's taken years and this silver bullet I still can't find it.
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    I would like them to address there DDOS server latency. This is one area I think they can actually fix and it will cost them no resources beyond opening a ticket with the company they use.
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