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Where are all thr snowy related items?

Christmas is on the corner and so far we have not been told about snowy related items ... I’ve got pariah pinnacle and it’s been very difficult to finish furnishing it as I need snowy trees , plants , stones as well as other furnishing items. Please give us something really nice ... a proper crystal or snowy throne , pillars , snowy crystals to place on the roof and walls ...
I’m also looking forward for a proper snowy or Crystal Palace in order to fully immerse my 3 icy related characters.
  • MornaBaine
    There is currently ONE snowy tree in the housing tab you can buy. And NONE you can buy from vendors with gold, not even in Wrothgar. What gives @ZOS_GinaBruno ????????? I was actually prepared to drop some crowns on that very thing today! My project is dead in the water til I know if we are getting these or not!
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  • reoskit
    In the interim (because it's not a fix), you can buy the base snowglobe house and get some of the snowy items.

    Someone else posted this link on a diff thread and I found it quite helpful:

    But yea, these items should be in the crown housing editor.
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