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Snowy Fir Trees

Why are they not for sale in the Housing Editor Purchase Tab? There are two listed on One is called Tree, Snowy Fir and the other is called Tree, Snowy Fir Tall. They are both green quality trees. I have searched through the Housing Editor 4 times thinking that I overlooked them. Has anyone ever seen them for sale?
  • Tatanko
    Has anyone ever seen them for sale?
    They've been datamined, but are not yet available I don't think. Weirdly enough, they do not show up in any of the New Life Furnishing Pack preview videos, but they do seem to be related to the New Life Festival and they are included in the furnished version of the Enchanted Snow Globe Home.
    Edited by Tatanko on November 29, 2018 1:15PM
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  • MornaBaine
    WE NEED THESE! I am sooooo disappointed they aren't available! @ZOS_GinaBruno PLEASE tell us this is a mistake and they will be added pronto!
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