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Object scaling

When I was decorating my house, I ran into a few problems because certain items didn't really seem to fit the way I wanted. So I was wondering if it would be possible to give us the abilty to scale housing objects (plants and structures in particular). The scaling shoud be limited to a number of increments, for example (100% - 80% - 60% - 40% - 20%) and should be limited to downscaling to avoid texture/polygon problems. This would not affect the item limit per house of course.
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  • Bleakraven
    Sounds good!
  • Aziara
    Yes! I think this would help a lot, even if the scaling was very limited (say, only up to 150% or down to 50%).
  • EphemeraCrawford
    I believe Rift allows scaling, so it's not unprecedented in an MMO
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  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    Yes some of the Large House items are HUGE. Be nice to be able to fit them into a given interior
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  • Zypheran
    Yes, scaling would allow huge possibilities.
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  • Aethereal'Golden
    Wonderful idea!
  • carly
    I believe Rift allows scaling, so it's not unprecedented in an MMO

    Correct they do. You could scale an item up or down.
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