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[PVE Guild] WipeKings

Soul Shriven
We are a small guild, founded in 2015 by a few friends, focused on running trials and spending time together.
As a guild we've cleared all Craglorn Hard Modes, vMOL HM, vHOF HM , vAS+2 and vCR+3, vSS HM and vKA HM.
We braved through a few Tick-Tock Tormentor, Immortal Redeemer, Gryphon Heart and numerous Dro m'athra Destroyer runs.

In all of our runs we give priority to friendly, non-toxic environment, as we all play the game to enjoy it, not to get an extra stress. Currently we are looking for new raid members, so if you would like to apply join our discord first.

Requirements all our members meet/should meet:
- English (basics to understand calls and to make necessary calls if needed)
- Access to discord (mic is obligatory)
- Characters ready for Veteran Trials (BiS/close to BiS gear, understanding of your role)
- Experience at Veteran Trials (All Craglorn’s HM cleared , vHOF, vMOL cleared, vAS+1/2, vCR+1/2/3, vSS and vKA)

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