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Come join Penetration Camp!! (End Game Guild)

Penetration Camp
END GAME Social Guild

We've got a fever, and the only cure is more Penetration. Welcome to Penetration Camp, where the crowd is chill and the damage is heavy. We’re a smaller guild but we grow more every day. We are currently seeking active veteran adventurers ready to conquer the various Trials scattered across Tamriel.

While we are focused on Trials, we also host a variety of events such as: Skyshard Hunts, Veteran Pledges and Farms, Fishing Contests, and various Workshops that help guild members improve their roles. During our downtime, we like to hang out on Discord to swap tips and build recommendations, host LFG mini-events, and of course, joke around. We also really love Giraffes and Jeff Goldblum.

Are you CP160 but new to Trials and Veteran Content? Are you looking to farm gear? Are you looking for a Guild that strives to help each other? Then we’re the Guild for you!

Penetration Camp doesn’t require any fees, however we occasionally hold Raffles as well as other fun events with fun prizes such as our Fishing Contest which featured over 1M gold worth of prizes. Active members of the guild are free to utilize our Guild Bank and Guild Store as well as the other amenities located in the Guildhall. We also have many master crafters!

Our Tel Galen Guildhall hosts all Crafting Stations, a Transmutation station, an Outfit station, as well as both Banker and Merchant. We also have Attunable Crafting Stations for the more popular sets. The Guildhall is also host to a variety of Mundus Stones. Our DPS dummies can be found at the Guildhall as well.

On our Discord Server you can find: Trial sign-up sheets, weekly updated Event Schedules, Looking-for-Group (LFG) opportunities, and much more. The Server is our main organizational hub. We have many guides for anyone trying to better learn their role and class as we strive to help everyone become better players at Penetration Camp.

Things we require:
• Be 18 years old or older.
• Be at least somewhat active.
• Be able to read.

We do encourage the use of Discord as that’s where all of our helpful tools are and where we organize things like planned Trials, Progression/Achievement Runs, etc.

If this all sounds great to you, come join us!!!
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