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Medium armor lost to the void?

  • Sun7dance
    technohic wrote: »
    Sun7dance wrote: »
    Personally I can't get away from medium because of how effective roll dodge is.

    What can't be dodged (for the most part) will have a 25% reduction from shuffle.

    That's really all I need

    You are right and i like medium gameplay too.
    But on heavy you don't need roll dodge that often, so you can stay close to your target and keep attacking.

    How long does a dodge roll take? Maybe 2 or 3 seconds until you can attack again.
    On heavy you can use these seconds to stay offensive.

    In the end i also think you don't lose damage on heavy.

    Think you will see a lot more penetration this next patch now that it's no longer wasted on shield users. May not want to just eat the hits in heavy any more. Roll dodge, block, and flat damage reduction (evasion, protection, crit resist) will be what matters most.

    Hm, not sure about that. Of course it would be a new option. But there are still bleeds to ignore resis, so people can run sets for defence or sustain.
    I don't think they would run high penetration and bleed, makes no sense.
    Please buff ZOS!...Maybe Microsoft can do that...
  • raviour
    I find myself squishier in HA on Stam DK in non-CP.

    With plenty of nice tanky crafted sets you can run in medium I see not much point in 5 heavy except for pure tanking.

    In CP of course your heavy setup can be modified a fair bit for damage.

    Currently getting 5.5k hp regen (after TK proc) and 3.6k WD (buffed) with decent other stats , 5-1-1 MA in non-CP.

    Medium armour has been in a good place since Fortified Brass came in clockwork and gave many players the confidence to use it again.
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