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Cyrodiil PS4 Latency and Door Bugs

I know people have been complaining about keep doors and being glitched into a bug. But one of the things I've seen the most in the in-game zone chat is the amount of people complaining about the lag and i was surprised to see little topics about this on the forums. I'm very aware of the difference between frame rate and lag/latency. And in Vivec there is A LOT of frame rate issues, but that is to be expected when your on console and in Vivec.

But the Latency has been a HUGE problem for a lot of players and I've been experiencing it non-stop over the weekend. My first thought when it comes to latency, is if the issue is on my side. After a few modem resets and some speed tests on both my PS4 and PC as well as playing other games. I've come to the conclusion that my internet is not having any issues what so ever but this has to be on ESOs server side. I dont even have to be in combat in Vivec to experience the latency, Calling in my mount at times takes an extra second or two. Popping some of my buffs at times either dont go off at all or delayed a few several seconds. This intensifies while in combat. I will use draining shot on a player and 3-5 seconds later he goes through the knock back animation, At times I cant even bar swap. (purely latency related not frame rate, I'm aware this can happen during low frame rates but in these cases there was little to no frame rate loss)

I just want to know if ZOS is aware of the latency issue. (im sure they are aware of the door bugs) Maybe this just requires a server maintenance but I hope we see a fix soon.
  • therift
    Hoo,boy,laddie... welcome to the forums :smiley:
  • BrentBlemish
    therift wrote: »
    Hoo,boy,laddie... welcome to the forums :smiley:

    lol thanks :P but I'm not really new to the forums, Just dont post often. Most of the time people already post on the topic I was inquiring about. I normally refrain from posting about frame rate/Lag/Latency on the forums, I may never actually post about frame rate issues just cause I'm aware of the technical limitations of the console's hardware vs ESO's massive scale PVP. And I'm aware that we go through SOME lag issues when in PVP. But this past weekend has been REALLY bad with latency. Far past what we normally get in Vivec/Shore on PS4. It's abnormally bad.
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