PvE Trials Guild

Hello All

Are you looking for a PvE Trails guild then stop looking.

We are social and friendly guild with that also supply high end content trials, the guild has plenty of Knowledge surrounding builds, gear, farming, PvE and Crafting we can help. The name of the guild is The Adventurers League (TaL) also anyone wishing to participate in PvP is also welcome (Ebonheart Pact).

The Adventurers League is PvE trials guild for players wishing to learn the normal trials and then progress in to the high end vet speed runs and Hardmode options.

We have a discord for vet trials along with builds and rotation set ups.

Our aim is too give you the high end content with a friendly atmosphere.

If you wish to know more then please don't hesitate to ask, we look forward to hearing from you and having you with us.

If you would like more information then please message in game @DanteArmaros
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