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[PvE, PvP (AD), Social, New Player Friendly] The Dominion Constellation

  • FrogEmperor
    Soul Shriven
    Hi! Sounds like a guild that has a little bit of everything. Can I be added? @FrogEmperor
  • BalticWolf
    Soul Shriven
    Hey, my name is Russ, I'm 30 years old and I'm a returning ESO player. I'm looking for a newbie friendly guild which would be more social and less demanding (if you understand what I mean). Basically last time I played this game, was almost a couple years back, so I will be quite new to all these updates and dlcs, but I am quite social and a quick learner. I won't be leveling up fast (this time I want to enjoy the story of ESO :smile: ), but I do some alt char which a higher lvl and have vapire/werewolf bites if anyone will need it.
    So if you want to have a social player who's half newbie, half veteran player and who's loyal to one guild (I never liked ESO multi guild stuff), that I would be honored to join you.
  • Kathulhuu
    @BalticWolf We'd love to have you, but you didn't leave your account name :smile:
    Let me know what that is and I will add you! Actually you're in time for our Halloween party on Friday if you have no other plans and can make it.
  • BalticWolf
    Soul Shriven
    Oh sorry, forgot about it :disappointed: My in game name is @Russ'Wolf
  • rosalith
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, i'm interested in joining your guild. my in-game name is @rosalith
  • Kathulhuu
    Everyone has been invited.

    Also just to let you all know we had another successful social guild event yesterday "Drunken Friday Halloween party".
    Sharing a couple of screenies below. We did a group photo of those who participated + we had a naked duel for fun where people won prizes.

    Next big party to look forward to will be the Christmas party (early December).

    Still room for more guildies!


    Edited by Kathulhuu on October 27, 2018 3:19PM
  • The_Daughtir
    Soul Shriven
    Hello is there still room for a new player? I am a very big newbie but I play AD on my Bosmer. I am looking for a friendly guild and you guys seem very nice! @Anutze is my acc name and my char name is @Nythadriel dont know which one it is :smile:
  • Kathulhuu
    I think I've sent an invite now :smile: Sorry for the late reply, haven't been on the forum for a few days @The_Daughtir
  • Weyyie5
    Soul Shriven

    Joining back eso after 2 long years. Would like to join your guild if you are still recruiting! :smile:

  • mastercook
    Soul Shriven
    Hi there, :)
    if You still recruiting new players i'd like to join as well. I started playing 3 months ago and have a 213 CP nightblade character.

  • weslix19
    please add me @ weslix19
  • TommyNerd1989
    Soul Shriven
    Hey there! Can u add me? @Bananut in game! (UserID:TommyNerd1989)
  • Kathulhuu
    Hey all! I'll add you all tomorrow. Hopefully everyone can get on through Steam tomorrow as well :smile:
  • Kathulhuu
    All added now :smile:
    But @weslix19, you are already member of 5 guilds, so I can't add you.
  • KingRhythian
    Soul Shriven
    Hi! I'm a relatively new player at Level 30, I've never joined a guild before and am very interested in joining! @KingRhythian
  • deathmethanol
    Soul Shriven
    Could I also join? Sounds like fun!

    User ID: @deathmethanol
  • bangingludwa
    Nice guild would love to join. I just started playing and i love this game so far. Add me pls. @LondonKeys
  • paradox2419
    can i have a invite please @paradox2419
  • Cloudless
    This one would like an invite as well :) @Cloudless
  • rambo369
    Soul Shriven
    can u add me in
  • ProDetecteD
    Soul Shriven
    May i come in ? @ProDetecteD in game ID, Shayn#0987 discord ID.
  • Headbenger
    Soul Shriven
    Hey there,

    I'm a Breton Vampire Nightblade and I'd like to join your guild @Headbenger

    I've been playing ESO for 3 months and now I've returned after 2 years :)

    Looking forward to joining you!
  • Kathulhuu
    Everyone invited :)
  • paradox2419
    can you invite me again
  • sophsh
    Soul Shriven
    You guys sound awesome :) Id love to join, please add me @sophie_hickman
  • Kathulhuu
    Both invited! :smiley:
  • Kurithas
    Soul Shriven
    Hey there :) I wouldn't mind joining up, assuming you're still recruiting and you're happy with my erratic work schedule. I've recently come back to ESO from WoW and just looking for that friendly and sociable group to interact and chat with whilst I'm playing, or maybe even when I'm out at work.

    My UserID is @Kurithas

    Thanks a lot and hope to hear from you soon!
  • ForfiniteStories
    Are filthy Blueberries accepted? I won't be doing PvP with the guild for obvious reasons, but I am most definitely interested in seeing what you offer on the PvE side of things. @Forfinite

  • Kathulhuu
    Everyone has been invited and of course we accept other factions too as we do PvE events and social events :smiley:
  • MystralAmets
    Soul Shriven
    Hello, do you accept less active players? I commute and have little time to play during the week and sometimes I'm too tired to play even on the weekend or I'm working them as well. But, I really like the description of your guild and you would accept a noob that hasn't even reached lvl 60, I would love to join. I love the "Drunken Friday" event :D. My id is @MystralAmets
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