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( the void is calling )The Will of Sithis new mature social guild

The void is calling!! The dread father awaits his disciples. The night mother has spoken and
Lorkhan has risen join now and feed the hungry void!!

looking for a guild that you can relax and have fun with? Then look no further The Will of Sithis is just for you. We run all aspects of the game from pve to pvp and crafting and as we grow will look to purchase a guild trader.

New to the game? No problem we would love to help out any new players and teach you about this game.
We are open to all alliances for PvE; however When we pvp it is Daggerfall Only

We are a vet guild that has been remade and currently recruiting for officer positions as well as new members.

We have a structured guild and organized rank system. Our Leader and Council have weekly meetings to create a better and more comfortable and fun atmosphere for our guild members with things such as guild meetings, armor issuing, lore book and skyshard hunts and many other events.

Please be above 18 years of age and be able to listen to higher ranking individuals and have respect for your fellow guild members.

We request that all members try to have a working and fully functional microphone or headset. This is so that all our members can have an enjoyable experience while in chat. We also request that during PvP or Raids, that members keep the chat channel clear of voice traffic so that pertinent information can be passed in a clear and concise manner. This helps our leaders be able to make clear, on-the-spot commands.

If You feel like you meet the requirements and this guild is for you then you may apply by the following options.

Post in this forum thread
Message GT- Luckotheirish03
GT- jonny magic 80

Hail sithis!
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