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The Lunar Emporium trading guild - Sentinel Trader - Recruiting new members

Want to make some serious gold but tired of the higher end trading guilds and the issues that come along with them? Then The Lunar Emporium is the trading guild for you. The Lunar Emporium is a newly established trading guild that is designed with the idea of being a stress-free trading guild, providing members the opportunity to make gold while enhancing their playing experience as part of a fun, collective environment.

Immediate trader access. No dues until first Sunday in the guild.

Guild dues are 5k per week with 5 week and lifetime options available. If we are outbid for a trader in any given week, dues are waived for the following week.

Benefits include:
Great sales
ACTIVE social membership!
Knowledgeable members always willing to help
9 Trait crafters
Amazing guild crafting hall with:
Unannounced in-game FLASH RAFFLES
Dueling Arena
Daily/Weekly events
Robust BAND channel updated DAILY with
. -multiple chats: general, sales, PVP, PVE, crafting/trait trading, dlc chats, new member chats!
. -trial sign-ups, event announcements, raffle updates!
A social noob-friendly team of experienced admins tasked with offering you DAILY events and helpful advice!
A dedicated crew of officers to support you and help with any concerns!

We're looking for new members to fill our ranks! Whether you're super social or all business.. Whether you're a fresh-off-the-boat what's-a-skyshard noob or a CP780+ veteran stormproof.. Whether you just want a fun-loving group with whom to run content or you want to make millions and leave your mark on Tamriel.. We want YOU!

Our Band page at the link below has all the guild information.

If interested in joining please leave your gamertag in the comments below or message Tarhele on Xbox or in game.
Edited by tarhele on February 4, 2019 6:12PM
  • tarhele
  • tarhele
  • jlynn1976
    GT: EveeLution13
    Server: Xbox NA
    • Ekatrina Rosezski - AD
    • Dra Tsanjii - AD
  • FixedBlade123
    Please send an invitation. I have a ton of stuff to sell that's just sitting in my bank account. I need to free up the space. Not that it matters much but I'm a CP 954 (as of this moment) and a "Grand Master Crafter." However, I'm not much into PvP and am only a Tyro campaigner. I generally play lone PvE but do like to do group dungeons and still need to wrap up some bosses in Craglorn.
  • tarhele
    I will send the invite in the next 24 hours
  • tarhele
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