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Ability to send follow up to a feedback/bug submitted in-game

I hate that when you submit something via the help window in-game you are given a confirmation number but there is nothing you can do with it (afaik). I just submitted a bug (confirmation # 180824-004194), and then realized it isn't actually a bug, it's just that weapons will only show your set bonus when you have that slot selected (meaning if you are on # 1, hovering over a weapon in # 2 will show as if you do not have it equipped). I'd like to be able to send follow up to explain what I discovered (and this is not the first time, btw), but here is the only place I know how. And regarding the "bug", I'm wondering if it would be possible to have these show your set bonuses anyway...that was really confusing.
  • Shadowshire
    If you need or want to leave a message with Support about the issue, then begin the Topic with "Ticket # " followed by the confirmation ticket number.

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