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[PC/NA] Casual Rascals - Social PvE/PvP/New player friendly

After the success on PC/EU we have decided to expand over at NA as well.
The EU guild can be found here btw:

We are a social PvE/PvP guild with experienced AND unexperienced members that loves to hang out.
Once we grow to a decent number we will be hosting events such as Map runs, Trials (learning, normal and Veteran), raffles, PvP (Cyrodiil, IC(s), BG's), dungeon runs and so on.

We welcome everyone no matter experience in the game.

Currently we're looking for members to fill our ranks.
Discord available.

Hope to see you :kissing_heart:

PS. As we're only just a few atm it may be very quiet both in-game and on our discord server (our EU one is open for Americans as well if you wanna see some weird convos and stuff though :joy: ) so be patient and help us grow :heart:

Also, because of the time difference (me being a Swede and all) and that I mostly play on EU, I have appointed a CO-Guildmaster to do most of the leading on NA. @TheSnowyFox

PS. If you DM me on the forums, please specify it's for NA as I get lots of messages regarding EU too.
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