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Clarification in regards to bomb builds.

While there's general consensus of which builds perform better and worse, I sometimes like to try out some less common/troll builds, or builds that simply sound fun. I'm now leveling my warden and was thinking of trying bomb build. Naturally, the first pick for such role would be magblade, but is it due to the skills or does it boil down to the invisibility to be able to get out of the zerg somehow?

I'm not looking for a build, but was wondering, what makes the bomb build/class effective and can other classes match magblade?
  • Aurielle
    I’ve seen effective DK bombers. Magblade is the obvious go-to though as it’s easier (relatively speaking), thanks to cloak and skills that increase movement speed while in stealth. Plus, with a magblade, you have the option of tether bombing, which doesn’t require as much ultimate as destro bombing.

    I personally find bombing extremely difficult to do. You have to be in the right place at the right time, and hope that there’s a squishy person amongst the zerg that you can find and prey on to one-shot and proc Vicious Death. Any halfway competent Crown will be reminding people to hold block and buff up on flags, and/or will have people laying down traps/using stealth detection skills/pots to catch would-be bombers. Most groups also have people calling out potential incoming bombs when they notice someone cloaking around a corner from the main group.

    Always remember that when you watch bomblade compilation videos, you’re seeing cherry-picked content from people who have had a LOT of practice with bombing. I see many more failed bomb attempts than successful bomb attempts. I gave up on bombing with my magblade, and now just use that character to farm sewer mobs in PVE gear for TV, and occasionally gank near home sewer bases to steal TV.
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