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No Code on Eso game time card.. Help!

Soul Shriven
I buy this card long time ago and today i decide to scratch it and activate it but there is no code on card.. Help..
  • lordrichter
    Trolled by ZOS! :smiley:

    I would open a ticket with CS. Include pictures.

    P.S. - I had some of these I redeemed a long while back. The codes no longer worked. Even with the code, you might have had to go to CS to get it fixed. Yes, they handled it for me and, eventually, I was on my way.
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  • Crojox
    Soul Shriven
    How to report to CS and where? Ok i found CS and put ticket,thank you lordrichter
    Edited by Crojox on July 19, 2018 7:54PM
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